Dota 2: Who is going to the Summit 11 from EU & CIS?

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Dota 2: Who is going to the Summit 11 from EU & CIS?

Today is the last day of the qualifiers for the first Minor of this DPC – Summit 11. It has a pretty cool $300K USD prize pool, as well as a decent amount of DPC points. What’s more, this is going to be the first and also the last DPC event to be held in the US this year. Also, Summit 11 is going to be the first event organized by BTS that will have a small crowd of fans. All of this makes it a little more special in comparison to the average Minor. Let’s take a look at what has happened in EU and CIS.


Unlike some other regions, EU has two slots for this Minor. As expected, the first one went in favor of Ninjas in Pyjamas. Peter “ppd” Dager and his newly formed squad had absolutely no trouble ripping through Ascomanni and Team Singularity. Unfortunately, a team of their caliber won’t be that happy because they failed to qualify for MDL Chengdu.

The second team from this region is Ad Finem. They literally went to hell and back to get to this Minor. In the final game of the qualifiers, they were able to deliver their knock-out punch after around five hours of Dota.


As we mentioned in our MDL Chengdu quals review, CIS is the most interesting region right now. For the first time in years, Virtus.Pro did not dominate the qualifiers. What’s more, they couldn’t even make it to the Major! This meant that CIS powerhouse had to fight for their survival in the quals for the Minor.

It seems like the “cold shower” gave its results as VP seemed on another level. They easily demolished Old But Gold and jfshfh178 and secured the first spot for LA.

Coming in second, we have HellRaisers, the newly formed CIS team. They started the day with a very unfortunate loss against jfshfh178, which was definitely not expected. Thankfully, this was exactly what they needed because it gave them a lot of motivation. Using it to their advantage, they won against Old But Gold and against jfshfh178 without dropping a single game.


Lastly, the only two regions remaining are NA and SA. Expect more information about them soon.


Dota 2: Who is going to the Summit 11 from EU & CIS?
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