Dota 2: Which Are The Best Items For Marci

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Dota 2: Which Are The Best Items For Marci

Some of the best items that you can get for Marci, the latest hero in Dota 2.

Like most new heroes in Dota 2, Marci quickly became one of the go-to options for players from all skill brackets. Although the hero doesn’t look that good on paper, it has everything it needs to do tons of damage. That’s one of the reasons why it is either picked or banned in virtually every Dota 2 game.

Marci is a carry/offlaner that scales really well in the late game. The hero does a lot of damage early on as well, but she shines the most after getting a couple of items. Speaking of the devil, let’s take a look at some of the best items for the hero and how to use them.

Phase Boots

Although there are some exceptions, most heroes in Dota 2 need some sort of item that gives movement speed. Some people prefer purchasing Boots of Travel, but it seems like Phase Boots is the better option for Maci. The fact that she can use the item to chase or run away makes her even more dangerous. Furthermore, this item gives damage, which is always helpful.

Black King Bar

Black King Bar is one of the must-have items for Marci because she is among the most fragile heroes in Dota 2. The fact that her main stat is Strength makes Black King Bar one of the best items because it gives her a lot of damage and HP. Although it is not that good early on, this item can make a huge difference for heroes like Marci once the late game arrives. It gives her enough time to do a lot of damage, which is what makes her so dangerous.

Skull Basher

Skull Basher is a popular item among heroes that have a lot of attack speed. Even though Marci is not often picked as a carry, she is one of the heroes that goes for Skull Basher often because it helps her do more damage. Depending on the situation, some Marci players decide to upgrade their Skull Basher to an Abyssal Blade because it gives them a guaranteed stun. Even though this item is great, it costs a lot of money, which means most people get it later on. After all, there are many other important items that Marci should purchase prior to getting a basher.

Armlet of Mordiggian

Armlet of Mordiggian is an item that is often a great option for STR heroes, especially early on. The fact it is relatively cheap and super effective makes it a great option for Marci because she can do tons of damage.

One of the specific things that you have to be aware of prior to getting this item is that it requires a lot of skills to utilize it to its full potential. The so-called “Armlet toggling” is something you will learn while playing, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work at first. Once you master it, you will have the chance to dodge a lot of ganks and even kill enemies once they gank you.

Blink Dagger

Blink Dagger is one of the best items in Dota 2 for several heroes, including Marci. Even though some people prefer to purchase other types of items, Blink Dagger can work wonders, depending on the situation. When used correctly, it allows Marci to initiate the team fight or escape when needed. However, it is important to remember that this item does not provide any additional stats, which means it is not always worth getting it. It all comes down to your teammates and the heroes you have to go up against.


Those who decide to utilize Marci’s damage capabilities usually choose some of the best damage dealing items in the game, such as Daedalus. Even though the item is expensive, it allows the hero to do tons of damage later on. This helps her keep up with the enemy’s agility carry because Marci is not the faster farmer in the game.


Maelstrom is an inexpensive item that allows Marci to do more damage early on. What makes the item really important is the fact it increases the hero’s farming speed. This helps her purchase her items faster, which explains why most people decide to get Maelstrom as fast as possible.


Another advantage of purchasing Maelstrom is the fact it can be updated into Mjollnir. This is an item that gives tons of attack speed, making it ideal for heroes that rely on physical damage.

Dota 2: Which Are The Best Items For Marci
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