Dota 2: Which Are The Best Items For Luna?

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Dota 2: Which Are The Best Items For Luna?

Here are some of the best items you can get for Luna, one of the strongest carries in the game.

Luna is one of the heroes in Dota 2 that can make a real difference during team fights. She has a lot of firepower early on, as well as during the late game. That’s one of the reasons why people keep picking Luna, despite not being the best hero in the current meta.

Besides being popular in pubs, Luna is one of the few carries that often gets to shine in the pro stage. She's often paired up with several support heroes, one of which is Shadow Demon. This combo used to be one of the strongest in the game, but after numerous nerfs, it is not as popular as it once was.

If you decide to utilize Luna’s potential while playing pubs, you need to know which items to get. With that being said, let’s check out some of the most popular items. Needless to say, we won’t be including no brainers such as Power Treads or Boots of Travel.

Black King Bar

The item that every Luna player has to get sooner or later is Black King Bar. This is definitely one of the game-changing items for the hero; it allows her to be a lot more aggressive during team fights and provides the ability to soak some damage. Due to her low range and the ultimate, Luna is often too close to the enemy heroes, so she needs extra survivability to thrive.

Black King Bar is a must, but this doesn’t mean you should purchase the item right away. On the contrary, BKB is only worth it if you get it as your third or fourth item. Luna is a carry, so she needs a few other items to shine, which we'll point out below.

Manta Style

If you have to purchase just one item during the game, definitely go for Manta Style. This is an item that every Luna player needs to get because it gives movement speed, attack speed, damage, and the ability to summon two illusions. Although they don’t do that much damage, the illusion can cause havoc during team fights. Furthermore, they help Luna bring down towers because they benefit from one of her passive skills called “Moon Glaives”.

Besides all of the advantages we’ve mentioned so far, Manta Style is relatively cheap compared to other big items. In other words, Luna can purchase it relatively fast, as long as she gets enough farm.

Dragon Lance and Hurricane Pike

Dragon Lance is one of the items that allowed many range heroes to become a lot more dangerous during all stages of the game. The fact it's cheap and gives HP and Agility makes it an excellent pick for every Luna player.

Another thing we’d like to point out about Dragon Lance; it's a part of Hurricane Pike. The latter also requires Force Staff, which means Luna can be more mobile when needed. Most people use this item until the deep late game, where they sell it for something stronger.

Mask of Madness

Mask of Madness (also known as MoM) is probably one of the more controversial items that you can get for this hero. Even though it gives her tons of attack speed and lifesteal, she also takes more damage and is unable to use her spells. This means that MoM is a situation item that doesn't work well against every lineup.

Similar to Dragon Lance, MoM is relatively inexpensive, and it also allows the hero to farm a lot faster because she is always on full HP. Combined with the extra movement speed and attack speed, it's easy to see why many Luna players decide to get this as their first “big” item in some games.


One of the reasons some people get MoM is to use the lifestealing mask and get Satanic later on. This is an item that's often underestimated by new players, but those with more experience know that it's a great purchase, especially on heroes that do a lot of damage.

In addition to Strength that allows Luna to stay on the frontline, the lifesteal can drastically impact her survivability during the late game. Unfortunately, the item is pretty expensive, and it isn’t that effective if Luna doesn’t do a lot of damage. That’s why most people purchase it later on.


This is probably the best all-around item for Luna and for almost every agility hero. Butterfly is really expensive, but this passive item provides tons of agility, attack speed, and evasion. The latter means that Luna can evade some of the physical damage dealt by enemy heroes — as long as they don't have an item that gives them True Strike.

Like Satanic, Butterfly is expensive, which means that Luna will usually have the option to purchase it once the late game arrives. Although the item is great, you have to be careful and track whether the enemy team will buy things, such as a Monkey King Bar. This item will make Butterfly less powerful, which means it's better to get another big ticket item instead.

Eye of Skadi

Skadi is also great on almost every hero, and Luna is no exception. Eye of Skadi is really expensive but definitely worth it because it gives tons of stats and survivability. Furthermore, the item gives Luna the power to slow down enemy units on each attack, which helps her secure kills and kite the enemy carry.

Eye of Skadi is an item that most Luna players are more than happy to purchase as soon as possible. However, due to the fact it is expensive, people usually get it after purchasing Manta Style, Black King Bar, and even Satanic.


Last but not least, we have an exciting damage item that we don’t see that often, at least when it comes down to Luna. Daedalus gives a lot of damage and can make critical strikes, which means there is RNG involved. Despite not being the go-to option for most Luna players, Daedalus can be an excellent solution when the hero lacks damage.

Dota 2: Which Are The Best Items For Luna?
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