Dota 2: When should you pick Zeus?

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Dota 2: When should you pick Zeus?

We take you through some of the best situations to pick Zeus.

Zeus is one of the popular mid lane heroes in Dota 2, especially in pub games. He used to be among the popular mid lane cores in professional DotA, but he is not among the go-to options in Dota 2. Some teams tried to use him a couple of times, but the fact that he is slow and fragile doesn’t make him ideal for professional games. Fortunately,  Zeus is among the most loved mid laners in the game, which explains why he is one of the top picks.

Even though he can fit in most combos, there are cases where the hero shines. That’s why we’ve decided to create this guide and show you some of the hypothetical situations during which Zeus can be an excellent option.

He works well against fragile mid laners

Zeus is known as the biggest damage dealer in Dota 2. He may not have the highest single target burst in the game, but all of his spells do a significant amount of damage, especially early on. The reason why the hero has to go to the mid lane is to get as much farm and level as possible. If he managed to stay ahead of the competition, he could destroy the enemy heroes in the mid lane.

Speaking of the devil, Zeus can see lane against everything. Thanks to his first ability, he can secure last hits with little to no effort, even against heroes known for doing high damage. That’s one of the reasons why you can often see Zeus in matchups against heroes, such as Viper and OD.

While it's true that he can work well in every situation, the fastest way of snowballing out of control is to play against fragile mid laners. There are a couple of interesting heroes that can get destroyed by Zeus because they just don’t have enough HP to survive. Some of them include Tinker, Lina, Shadow Fiend, and Lion. As long as Zeus is cautious, he can kill them once he hits level six.

You need someone to defend your high ground

Defending the high ground in Dota 2 is something that many people don’t take into account until it is too late. Everyone likes winning, but there are situations where the opponents are too good. As a result, you will find in a situation where you have to defend your base from those who want to destroy it.

Tinker used to be the best hero to defend the HG, and he continues to be one of the solid options, despite the drastic spell changes. However, Zeus is also one of the options that deserve to be on this list. Arc Lightning may not do a lot of damage, but the spell has a low cooldown, which means Zeus can spam it as much as he wants to. So, as long as he is alive, he can easily push the enemy’s creep wave and do a lot of damage to heroes that stay close to them.

Besides the AoE spells, Zeus is capable of inflicting serious damage to heroes. Thanks to Lightning Bolt, his ultimate, and Aghanim’s Scepter, he can remove a given hero’s HP in a matter of seconds. Many people underestimate the power of Zeus in the late game, but he is as dangerous as Tinker, Invoker, and every other spell caster.

When you need someone to reveal invisible units

In addition to everything mentioned so far, Zeus is a hero that does incredibly well against invisible units. Thanks to his ultimate and Lightning Bolt, he can reveal every invisible unit (including Wards) every couple of seconds. This may not seem significant on paper, but it can work well in situations where the team needs that vision to initiate a fight.

Besides revealing heroes that are invisible, the ultimate can do well against heroes who use Smoke. Although this rarely happens in lower-MMR Dota 2 games, people who play ranked often do this, especially in the late game.

Dota 2: When should you pick Zeus?
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