Dota 2: What will happen to Midas Mode 2.0

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Dota 2: What will happen to Midas Mode 2.0

Midas Mode is a very unique tournament that gets tons of love from the community. The event was announced a couple of months ago and the hype was getting bigger and bigger with every single day. Originally, Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner planned it for July of this year, but he then postponed it until late September. This gave everyone enough time to decide whether or not they wanted to take part in it. Of course, many notable Dota 2 organizations already confirmed their intentions to attend months ago.

Unfortunately, it seems like Valve has other plans. In the new DPC season announcement, Valve published different dates and the new rules for this years’ Dota 2 Pro Circuit. At first, everything looked fine, but many soon realized that some of the dates overlapped with Midas Mode 2.0. Needless to say, this spells disaster for the event. After all, no team will want to risk missing a DPC event.

What Does This Mean for Midas Mode 2.0?

If midas mode 2 struggles to get pro teams college/university Dota teams should step up in their place from DotA2


Valve has not issued an official response concerning why they chose the dates they did, so the community doesn't know the exact reason for the overlap. One thing is certain, however – Midas Mode 2.0 existed before the new DPC season. This means that, if Valve wanted, they could have easily taken this into consideration.

To makes matters worse, the new rules imply that there will only be one qualifier for the Minors and Majors. So, even if a team is willing to skip one DPC event, if they decide to join Midas Mode with its current dates, they will miss out on either a Minor or Major.

The community’s reaction to Valve's Dates and Midas 2.0

If I have to choose between Midas Mode and Qualifier, I will watch Midas Mode. from DotA2

Many fans, including some of the biggest influencers in the Dota 2 scene, started to raise awareness on Twitter and Reddit in support of SirActionSlacks and his cause. There's still time, however. Valve is a company that usually listens to the players. Hopefully, they will do it again and change the dates of the first qualifiers. Sadly, if this does not happen, Midas Mode 2.0 will be a very strange tournament.

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Dota 2: What will happen to Midas Mode 2.0
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