Dota 2: What Heroes Should You Pick To Gain MMR In Patch 7.30e?

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Dota 2: What Heroes Should You Pick To Gain MMR In Patch 7.30e?

We've rounded up some of the best Dota 2 heroes you can pick in the current patch to help improve your MMR.

Every Dota 2 patch is special, and this one does not make an exception. The game always feels different after every big tournament, especially TI. Following Team Spirit’s crazy victory, many Dota 2 players decided it is high time for them to gain MMR. That’s why they’ve started spamming some of the top heroes during the event.

While it is true that most of the core heroes that we got to see during the tournament are good, they aren’t always the best option for pub games. That’s why we’ve decided to point out some of the best heroes that you can pick to gain MMR.


If we take a look at the highest MMR bracket, we can see that Lycan is the most successful hero in Dota 2. Despite the nerfs that took place a few months ago, the hero continues to be one of the most dominant forces in PUBs. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to some people because Lycan has always been strong, especially in certain lineups.

One of the main problems of picking Lycan in pubs is that you need to be careful which heroes you have to go up against. Even though the hero has what it takes to win the game solely, he can be shut down, which will make him pretty much useless later on.


Beastmaster is a similar hero to Lycan because he requires you to have good unit control in order to be successful. However, this is where the similarities end because BM is one of the strongest offlaners in Dota 2, whereas Lycan is either mid or safelane.

One of the things that makes Beastmaster so strong is the fact that he can easily lane against two or even three heroes. Despite being melee, his boars allow him to farm the lane, as well as the neutral camps. What’s more, the hero is really good when it comes down to pushing towers and ganking. That’s one of the reasons why even some of the best Dota 2 teams in the world pick him.


Tinker is one of the heroes that received a lot of changes over the years. He used to be one of the most annoying mid laners because he didn’t allow the enemy team to push. However, Valve decided to change his skill set, which has a positive effect.

Nowadays, Tinker is one of the most successful mid laners because he is capable of doing tons of damage. The changes to his Laser and the fact that he finally has a defensive skill make him the go-to option even in the highest MMR bracket.

Despite the fact that Tinker does insane damage, he remains one of the hardest heroes in Dota 2. Therefore, it is not advisable to “spam pick” him unless you know what you’re doing.


Enigma is one of the special heroes in Dota 2 that is often picked last. Of course, the thing that makes the hero special is his ultimate called “Black Hole”. When used, Enigma can disable the entire enemy team, which gives his teammates enough time to score a kill.

Besides having a strong ultimate, Enigma is among the heroes that can push fast and farm the jungle. The fact that he can farm a lot faster than other offlaners and support make it among the go-to options for some pro teams.

Unfortunately, Enigma is also one of the heroes that requires you to be good in order to use its full potential. It's a high skill-cap hero, therefore, it is not suitable for beginners, nor people who are not used to initiating in a teamfight.


The last hero that we want to point out is the almighty Omknight, one of the strogest Strength heroes in the game. Omni is one of the few supports that can also be played as an offlaner, depending on the setup. He has amazing skills capalbe of doing damage and saving allies when needed. That’s why he is often paired with some of the strongest carries in the current patch.

Unlike other heroes on this list, Omniknight is definitely easier to play. Although he also has its specifics, he is definitely not as complicated as heroes, such as Enigma or Tinker.

Dota 2: What Heroes Should You Pick To Gain MMR In Patch 7.30e?
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