Dota 2: What Happened on Day 2 of DreamLeague S12

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Dota 2: What Happened on Day 2 of DreamLeague S12

After a packed Day One at DreamLeague Season 12, it’s time to check in on what happened during the first day of the playoffs. Unfortuantely, three teams found themselves packing their bags and heading home after failing to make it one step closer to the grand prize.

DreamLeague Season 12 Lower Bracket

Team Liquid

Even though FlyToMoon had an explosive start, they were the first team eliminated from the playoffs. Losing Game One was as shocking as a cold shower for Team Liquid, and they had to make something happen if they wanted to survive in at the event. Luckily, TL was able to snatch Game 2, even though the CIS team had the lead for the majority of the game. This win gave them the needed morale boost and they soared into Game Three riding high. Sadly for them, FTM couldn't hang with TL in Game 3 and went home empty-handed.

This victory pushed the EU powerhouse into a series against Demon Slayers, and, surprisingly, they were able to win against another NA team – J.Storm. Neither fans nor analysts really expected this to happen, but after playing their cards right, DS came on top. This is another proof that Clinton “Fear” Loomis and his team are having serious issues right now.

It seems like DS’s victory gave them a huge boost they ripped through through Team Liquid like a knife through butter shortly after. TL had plenty of chances in Game Two, but Demon Slayers simply played a more disciplined style of DOTA. As soon as their CK acquired his needed items, Demon Slayers delivered the knockout punch and forced the new-TL-ex-Alliance roster all the way home.

DreamLeague S12 Upper Bracket


Alliance vs NiP was the most anticipated match of the day by fans and attendees alike. Both teams played phenomenally in the groups, which had the added complication of making a match-winner incredibly difficult to predict. That said, once the games started it was clear that Alliance was the better-prepared team as they ran over their enemies. Nikolay “NikoBaby” Nikolov was the star of the match yet again and pushed his team into the Grand Final.

Be sure to watch the final day of this amazing tournament. The first series will take place between NiP and DS for a spot in the Grand Finals against Alliance.

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Dota 2: What Happened on Day 2 of DreamLeague S12
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