Dota 2: WEU Tour 3 Division I and II Overview – Week 3

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Dota 2: WEU Tour 3 Division I and II Overview – Week 3

We take a closer look at how things are faring in Week 3 of WEU's DPC Tour 3.

Following OG’s dominant performance during Week 2, it is time to review the most action-packed series from the third week of Tour 2 in Western Europe. There were a few interesting series that we had to keep an eye on. Fortunately, they all lived up to our expectations, which is why we’d like to share them with you.

Division I

Team Secret vs Tundra Esports

The first big clash we’d like to share with you in this article was between Team Secret and Tundra Esports. Even though many people considered Martin “Saksa” Sazdov and the rest to be the favorites, Team Secret managed to put up a challenge. Unfortunately, even this was not enough to win against the European powerhouse.

Game 1

After 45 minutes of high-quality action, the first game went in favor of Team Tundra. The latter picked Alchemist, a hero slowly becoming the go-to mid-laner in the current meta. The secret had to do something to counter him, so they got Zeus, Techies, and Razor, a lineup that clearly focused on the mid-game.

Unsurprisingly, the first game of the series was even until the mid-game arrived. Team Secret tried to play aggressively so that they could prevent TE’s Alch from farming. Sadly, this was easier said than done because the hero found space to get what he needed.

Team Secret lost the match after the 28th-minute mark when Tundra killed them and got Roshan. The Aegis was enough for the team to gain a massive lead and secure themselves the first victory.

Game 2

After winning the first match, Tundra Esports had the needed motivation and had a fantastic start to the second game of the series. In fact, Saksa and the rest gained a 6k+ net worth lead just 15 minutes after the start.

Things were going as planned, but TE lost a crucial fight in both lanes a couple of minutes after that. Secret continued to pressure their opponents and eventually made a full comeback. Templar Assassin and Puck became too strong for their opponents, but it took them more than one hour to win.

Game 3

After equalizing the series, the third map gave us access to the best things both teams can offer. The match had tons of back-and-forth action, but Tundra Esports was victorious in the end. 

Leon “Nine” Kirilin and co. used an aggressive lineup that allowed them to pressure their opponents and eventually got a massive lead. Secret did everything in their power to slow down the game’s pace, but Nine and the rest wanted to finish as fast as possible. Consequently, Tundra won this epic series after 39 minutes.

OG vs GG

Following OG’s first loss in Tour 3, the team won its match against Entity. Needless to say, Tommy “Taiga” Le and the rest could not afford to lose another match, so they had to win the clash against Gamin Gladiators. Luckily, the team had no problems in both games.

Game 1

The new patch already affects the current meta, and both of these top EU teams know it. Therefore, we had the chance to see some pretty unusual heroes. OG used their Zeus, but instead of putting him in the mid lane, they gave it to Misha. On the other hand, GG rolled out the offlane Dawnbreaker.

Although this hero gave GG a definite advantage early on, it was not enough to help the team win. Despite the slight lead, OG’s deadly draft quickly bounced back and even secured an early Aegis for their Bristle. This was more than enough for the team to win because Gaimin Gladiators did not have enough damage to bring down the unkillable carry.

A couple of minutes after the Aegis, OG quadrupled their lead and secured themselves the first victory.

Game 2

After losing to Bristle and Viper, Gamin Gladiators decided to get these two heroes in the match's second game. Sadly, they couldn’t use them as well as OG because the ESL One Stockholm 2022 champs knew exactly how to counter them.

OG used their Puck and Zeus to pressure GG”s Alch and prevent him from farming. Even though this tactic usually doesn’t work, OG had no problems and didn’t allow their opponents to do anything.

In the end, the Major champions had a massive lead that allowed them to win this series.

Division II

Nigma Galaxy vs 11Monkeys

Division II in Western Europe is usually fun to watch because the teams have equal chances of winning. However, after Nigma Galaxy got Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan, the team became too strong and has little to no competition.

After winning its first two series, the team had to play against 11Monkeyz. The latter lost both matches and definitely needed a win to keep their chances of getting to Division I. Unfortunately, Ionut Radu “BliNcc” Musat and the rest didn't go as planned because Nigma Galaxy was too strong.

Game 1

Despite having Invoker and Troll Warlord in their draft, 11M couldn’t do anything against the mid-game-based draft of TI 7 champions. SumaiL and the rest dominated the laning stage, which gave their core heroes enough time to snowball. After gaining a 13k+ net worth lead 18 minutes after the start, Nigma won the first map easily.

Game 2

After the laning stage, Nigma Galaxy got their hand on Alchemist, Puck, and Furion. These are some of Nigma’s strongest heroes, so it wasn’t surprising that 11Monkeys had pretty much no chances of winning.

Despite their efforts, the team couldn’t do much and lost the match after 20 minutes.

Other results

Aside from the matches mentioned above, there were a few other series that turned out to be more interesting than expected. Perhaps the most exciting one was between Team Secret and Entity. Even though Clement “Puppey” Ivanov and the rest were the big favorites and even won the series' first game, the team lost.

Entity continues to impress with its performance and occupies the first spot in Division I. There are a couple of series to go, so we won’t be surprised if this team makes it to the Major.

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Dota 2: WEU Tour 3 Division I and II Overview – Week 3
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