Dota 2: Western Europe Tour 3 Division I and Division II Overview – Week 6

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Dota 2: Western Europe Tour 3 Division I and Division II Overview – Week 6

Following last week’s result, OG, and Tundra Esports became the first two teams from Western Europe Tour 3 Division I that will attend the upcoming Major.

Both teams only lost one series so far, which made them the big winners. With that being said, WEU has 4 slots, so we had to wait until the end of  Week 6 to learn the names of the remaining two.

Unlike Division I, the situation in Division II is different. Into The Breach and Nigma Galaxy were on another level compared to everyone else, so it shouldn’t be surprising that both secured a slot for Division I. 

Here are some of the results you should be aware of after the end of Week 6.

Division I

After OG and Tundra Esports had already secured slots for the Major, it was time to see which two teams would secure the remaining two slots.

Team Secret vs goonsquad

Goonsquad is one of the teams with a lot of potential, but Gustav “s4” Magnusson and the rest did not live up to the expectations. The latest results prove it because GS lost against Team Secret. 

Game 1

The first map gave us a bit of a throwback because Secret picked Phoenix and Templar Assassin. Needless to say, these two heroes were prevalent in the previous patch.

GS tried to use s4’s excellent Puck, as well as Dawn and Phantom Assassin, but their efforts were not enough. The laning stage was not good for the Swedish squad, which gave TS an exceptional option to secure the lead. Clement “Puppey” Ivanov and the rest used this perfectly and won the first match.

Game 2

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is a saying many Dota 2 teams use when winning the first game. Consequently, Secret picked a similar draft to the one they had in game one. This one was even better because it had Slardar and Puck.

GS definitely played better because Alchemist and the hero had an impact on the game. However, TA and Slardar are one of the deadliest combos in Dota 2, so they were able to deal with the tanky mid-laner.]

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Tundra won against GG

As mentioned earlier, Tundra Esports became the second team after OG to secure a slot for the Major. This didn’t prevent them from winning against Gaimin Gladiators in two clean matches.

Both teams relied on their comfortable heroes on both maps. Tundra went with Zeus, WW, and Tiny, whereas GG picked Puck and Dawnbreaker. The two games were equal in terms of how they played out because GG got the lead and lost it after a while.

Erik “tOfu” Engel and the rest are probably disappointed with their results, but they will miss out on the upcoming Major.

Division II

EU-Rejects vs 11Monkeyz

Just when we thought that Rasmus Johan “Chessie” Blomdin and his team would finish without winning a single game, the team won its last match. This victory was priceless because it gave the team a glimmer of hope that it would survive in the Division.

Game 1

Although 11Monkeyz secured one victory, the team was not in a good position. Ionut Radu “BliNcc” Musat and the rest failed to live up to the expectations, which is why they also had to fight for their survival in the division.

Sadly, the team had a rough start in this series because it lost the first game. Despite having IO and Luna, EU-R’s interesting draft with Void Spirit, Drow and Magnus paid off. No one expected the EU team to pick those heroes because Drowranger usually works only in a team with other ranged heroes. 

As expected, EU-R won the laning stage and took full advantage of it in the mid-game. They did not allow 11M’s Luna to get the needed farm and won the match in just 32 minutes.

Game 2

After Chessie’s success, the team picked another strange hero that we don’t see that often – Phantom Assassin. Sadly, 11Monkeyz and their Juggernaut/BM pick were just too strong. Jugger’s excellent laning stage allowed him to get an early Roshan, and the team used it to push.

EU-R tried to defend, but neither of their cores had enough farm to go face to face with their opponents. As a result, the team lost the game.

Game 3

The last match between the two teams was the most interesting one yet. We expected 11M to win because the team had an exceptional pick for the early and mid-game. Although it made Spectre’s life a living hell, this was not enough to win.

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EU-R used Magnus’s Empower and allowed Spectre to slowly bounce back. Thanks to her damage and Puck’s mid-game dominance, EU-R won their first series in Divison II.


Before we share a few words about the Tiebreaker, we’d like to point out that OG lost its last series against Team Liquid. Which means the team couldn’t finish first in Division I. What’s even more annoying is that bzm and the rest also lost the tiebreakers. As a result, OG finished third in Division I.

The series between them and Team Liquid was fun, but Lasse Aukusti “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen and the rest of his team were better in the match. They won the first map fairly easily and bounced back in the second one to win the series.

Gaimin Gladiators secured their spot in Division I

One of the most interesting series to watch was between GG and goonsquad. Instead of fighting for a Major slot, the two had to decide which one would fall into Division II. Unsurprisingly, the two teams used some of their best heroes.

Despite winning the first game, GS could not win the series because Gaimin Gladiators were flawless in the subsequent two maps. They've used a completely different draft in both games, whereas GS relied on their BM and Puck.

Team Secret will also miss out on this Major

Despite having one of the most impressive rosters in Western Europe, Team Secret won’t be able to show its prowess in the upcoming Major. The team’s shaky results during Tour 3 prevented it from putting itself in a good position to secure a slot. Hence, it had to go up against Entity for fourth place in Division I.

Even though Team Secret was the favorite, Entity was the better team and won the epic series. All three games were a joy to watch, so definitely go over them if you have time.

Following all the results, OG, Team Liquid, Tundra Esports, and Entity are the four teams that will attend the PGL Arlington Major.

Dota 2: Western Europe Tour 3 Division I and Division II Overview – Week 6
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