Dota 2: WePlay!’s Mad Moon Loses Another Team

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Dota 2: WePlay!’s Mad Moon Loses Another Team

After Na`Vi’s decision, another team has announced they won't be attending the event.

Yesterday, we shared the news that Natus`Vincere won’t be able to attend the WePlay! Tug of War: Mad Moon tournament due to their bootcamp for the upcoming Los Angeles Major. And it looks like they're not the only ones pulling out.

RNGU is also out

Unfortunately, one more team is also giving up on this event Royal Never Give Up. Similar to Na`Vi, the team was slated to complete in the Mad Moon tournament with a prize pool of $300K USD up for grabs. However, after Valve decided to delay the LA Major qualifiers due to the coronavirus situation, RNGU has a bit of a problem.

In fact, the Chinese team finished first in its group, which gives it a good shot at going to the Major. Sadly, this means that the team just won’t have the time to play at WePlay!’s event. Even if they qualify faster (which is possible, because they need to win just one series), there are still other kinds of issues that need to be dealt with.

Who will replace them?

Instead of the Chinese team, Dendi’s new team called B8 will be stepping in. They will join Aggressive Mode, who swapped out Natus`Vincere yesterday.

This will be the first big challenge ahead of the legendary CIS mid laner and his team-mates. Nevertheless, it definitely won't be a walk in the park. Because they have some serious enemies to deal with. Team Secret, Gambit, Nigma, and NiP are just the tip of the iceberg.

The WePlay! Tug of War: Mad Moon will start in just two days from now. All eight teams will be divided into two groups consisted of four teams each. Similar to the Minor, the bottom two teams will be eliminated, whereas the top two will continue in the Upper Bracket.

WePlay!s Mad Moon event is set to be a lot of fun, be sure to catch the streams.

Dota 2: WePlay!’s Mad Moon Loses Another Team
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