Dota 2: WePlay! will Host the Second Minor this DPC Season

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Dota 2: WePlay! will Host the Second Minor this DPC Season

WePlay! hosted an interesting tournament recently called WePlay! Reshuffle Madness. Even though the prize pool wasn't huge, we still got to see some of the best teams in the world duke it out in an interesting format. That said, WePlay has just announced that they will host the second Minor of this DPC. The minor is scheduled for January 9-12, 2020 in the winter ski resort Bukovel in Ukraine.

Qualifiers & the Event

Similar to the qualifiers going on right now, the regional qualifiers for this tournament will take place just prior to the tournament. As of right now, the qualifiers are scheduled to begin in the early days of December. Similar to the other Minors, WePlay!'s will also include eight teams that will fight for a $300K prize pool. The cool thing is that this will be the first-ever DPC tournament for WePlay!. However, this organization has a lot of experience in organizing different events. After all, they’ve held numerous tournaments in Dota 2, CS: GO, Underlords and more.

Format of the WePlay! Minor

The group stage will use a GSL system, meaning there are two groups of four teams each playing best-of-two matches. The four strongest teams from the group stage will advance to the playoffs, where they will play in a double-elimination bracket. Similar to other events out there, the Grand Final will be played in best-of-five

It will be very interesting to see how will WePlay be able to host this tournament. Even though they have a lot of experience, they are yet to host an event of such a caliber.

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Dota 2: WePlay! will Host the Second Minor this DPC Season
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