Dota 2: WePlay! Pushka League Season 1 Favorites

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Dota 2: WePlay! Pushka League Season 1 Favorites

We are just a few days away until this event begins, so let’s take a look at who has the biggest chance of winning.

WePlay! has organized a couple of fantastic events in the last couple of months. Their most recent one was a charity event that took place at the beginning fo the COVID-19 pandemic. There, we got to see some of the absolute best teams in the world playing against each other for a good cause.

Now, nearly a month later, we’re about to witness another spectacular tournament. To be precise, WePlay! calls it a league because it will take place over the span of several days. Despite being online, it will only feature teams from Europe and CIS.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look and see some of the teams that can be considered favorites.


Even though the players from the other Dota 2 regions probably won’t agree, we believe that Europe is the best Dota 2 region in the world. As a result, every top tier team here can safely be considered a favorite.

Of course, the first one that is on our list is OG. The two-time TI winners, who also finished second in the ESL One LA Online just a few days ago, are looking very deadly. Despite the fact they’ve recently changed their roster, the team is playing very well. As a result, it’s safe to say that they can be considered as one of the possible winners here.

However, their job won’t be easy, especially if we take a look at the other teams from this region. Apart from OG, the second team that will be a huge pain to deal with is Team Secret. In fact, many people consider them to be the best team in the world, especially before the COVID-19 situation. Unfortunately, Team Secret’s most recent results aren’t all that glamorous.

Although they were among the favorites in ESL’s event, they shockingly lost to and got eliminated from the event. Hopefully, they will be able to bounce back here and show their prowess.

Up next, we have Team Nigma. Even though they haven’t really shined all that much recently, the TI 7 champions are always a force to be reckoned with. They’ve proven many times that they can explode at any given minute.

The last team from Europe that is going to be extremely interesting to follow is Alliance. Following the recent roster changes, the Swedish organization looks to be better than ever. However, we’re yet to see if they have what it takes to prove themselves among the other top teams in Europe.


After several months of poor performance, the strongest CIS Dota 2 team is back on the winning track. Virtus.Pro has always been one of the best Dota 2 teams in the world during the last couple of years. However, after the roster changes in the post-TI9 period, they’ve struggled a lot.

In the end, the team had to make a few more changes before they finally found the formula for success. The CIS team had little to no trouble in the ESL One LA Online after they ripped through the competition. The only real challenge for them was OG during the Grand Finals, where they won with a score of 3-2.

The second team from CIS that we believe has serious chances of succeeding is HellRaisers. Whether you like them or not, these players have stepped up their game a lot, especially in the last couple of months. After securing that third-place finish in the Minor, HR went on and played pretty well against some of the best teams in the world. Who knows, they might just have what it takes to win once more.

Finally, we have Natus Vincere, a team that has been in this game forever. While it’s true that their most recent performance hasn’t been all that good, Na’Vì has that spark of hope that can always turn them into beasts.

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Dota 2: WePlay! Pushka League Season 1 Favorites
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