Dota 2 : WePlay! Bukovel Minor – Day 2 Recap

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Dota 2 : WePlay! Bukovel Minor – Day 2 Recap

We look back at the most interesting moments from day 2 of the Bukovel Minor.

Yesterday was the beginning of the second Minor of the 2019-2020 DPC. We saw some very interesting results, mainly in Group B. If you missed any of the action, be sure to check the recap from day one.

With that said, let’s take a look at what happened during our second day in Bukovel.

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Team Spirit

Despite the expectations, Ninjas in Pyjamas failed to live up to them once again. After losing yesterday in a series where they should’ve won, the same happened today. It seems like this team has some sort of curse over them because they have one of the strongest rosters at least on paper.

Despite having a good lineup in the first game, Team Spirit was the better team and won the game. They secured their Slark a very solid start and the hero just snowballed out of control.

With their backs against the wall, NiP tried to roll out one of their strongest setup in game two. Even though they managed to get a fairly decent lead, a very messy fight near their Shrine completely turned the game. Suddenly, Team Spirit was on the driving train and they delivered their knock-out punch.

After this series, Ninjas in Pyjamas becomes the second team that’s eliminated from this Minor.

Geek Fam vs Royal Never Give Up

The second series of the day was a battle between the SEA team and RNGU. Although many people expected Geek Fam to win, the reality turned out very different. Not only did they lose, but the Chinese powerhouse actually ripped through them like a knife through butter.

Game one had a fairly slow start for both teams as neither of them wanted to take any unnecessary risks. However, as soon as Royal Never Give Up got the lead, they just didn’t let go. Geek Fam was waiting for their enemies to do a mistake but that never happened. Slowly but steadily, the Chinese team pushed their enemies and eventually won.

With just one game away from elimination, the SEA team tried to roll-out some of their best heroes. Nevertheless, their plan went completely downhill when RNGU picked Huskar. As we know, this hero is capable of demolishing the enemy team if he gets a good start. Sadly for Geek Fam, that’s exactly what happened.

RNGU needed just 18 minutes to deliver a win and push themselves into the Upper Bracket.

Group A Decider

Geek Fam vs Team Spirit

After their loss to RNGU, it was time for SEA team to stand up against Team Spirit. However, this was not an ordinary series because the winner will advance further, whereas the loser will be heading home.

The first game of the series was a fairly easy ride for the SEA powerhouse. Their Magnus and PL combo got a very solid start and quickly snowballed out of control. Although the CIS team had its moments, the carry potential of Geek Fam was just too high and they grabbed the lead in the series.

The second game was definitely more interesting because it was very close. However, the Bloodseeker pick that countered Slark eventually prevailed. Following the loss, Team Spirit becomes the third team that leaves the Bukovel Minor. Despite that, they played pretty well, so they shouldn’t feel that bad about their results.

Group B Winners Match

Fighting PandaS vs Gambit Esports

This was definitely a highly anticipated series that everyone wanted to see. Luckily, unlike some of the previous ones, this lived up to the expectations. We saw tons of back-and-forth action in every single game but in the end, it was the CIS team that prevailed.

Although they had some troubles along the way, we can safely say that Gambit dominated this series. In fact, even when they lost in game one, they were still the leading force in the vast majority of it.

Following their success, Gambit is guaranteed a spot for the Upper Bracket. On the other hand, EE’s NA squad now had to fight for their survival against Nigma.

Group B Decider

Fighting PandaS vs Nigma

The final series of the group stage was among the most anticipated ones. It was time for TI 7 champions to take revenge over FP after the loss. As you know, the NA team was able to beat Nigma yesterday in the opening series.

Game one was nothing short of a beatdown for MinD_ContRoL and his team-mates. They’ve had a very solid pick that didn’t give FP any chance whatsoever. After winning the laning stage, the European powerhouse needed just a couple of more minutes before they claimed the victory and the lead in this series.

Game two saw a very solid start thanks to their Drow setup. Although there were moments where Nigma started to bounce back, the NA team manage to quell the pace and regained their lead.

However, the game went for too long which gave Nigma the chance to shine. Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi’s Terrorblade eventually got so big that he just ran over their opponents. Sadly, Nigma became a little bit too greedy and allowed EE’s Drow ranger to win the game in just one push.

After two very interesting games, the third one was not really all that exciting. Both teams did countless mistakes but neither of them was really able to get a clear lead. In the end, TI 7 champions were able to deliver their knock-out punch, sending FP home.

Be sure to watch this amazing Minor tomorrow. When we'll get the chance to see the first roll of the Playoffs. After so many surprises in the groups, who knows what is going to happen.

Dota 2 : WePlay! Bukovel Minor – Day 2 Recap
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