Dota 2: WePlay AniMajor — Predictions

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Dota 2: WePlay AniMajor — Predictions

It's looking like Team Secret, Team Aster, & PSG.LGD are our strongest contenders.

WePlay AniMajor 2021 is not only the last major before TI10, it's also the last chance teams have to earn DPC Points to help them qualify directly to TI10. The pressure to perform can’t be any higher than this. The top 18 teams are invited to the LAN event which begins today; June 2 and will run until June 13.

Team Stats for 7.29

The Win Rates and Standings for each of the attending teams displayed in a graphic format.
We looked at premium matches through patch 7.29, including season standings to determine each attending team's win rate for the event. (See the above data in a text format below.)

Team               Win Rate       Standings           87.5%           Playoffs

Quincy Crew      87.5%           Playoffs

Evil Geniuses    84.6%           Group Stage

NoPing              83.3%           Playoffs

Team Spirit        81.2%          Group Stage

Team Aster        70.5%          Playoffs

Beastcoast        70.0%          Group Stage

Vici Gaming       68.4%          Wild Card

T1                     66.6%          Playoffs

PSG.LGD          66.6%         Group Stage

Alliance             65.0%         Playoffs

Team Nigma      63.1%        Wild Card

Execration         63.1%        Wild Card

Team Liquid       60.0%       Group Stage

ASM.Gambit      56.2%       Wild Card

TNC Predator    55.0%       Group Stage

Team Secret       50.0%      Wild Card

Invictus Gaming  47.0%      Wild Card

Predictions For Wild Card

Vici Gaming and Team Secret are predicted to win the wild card and qualify for the group stage.

The Wild Card stage of the event is also known as the wildest stage as it eliminates four out of six teams straight out of the tournament. Adding to the risk of getting knocked out and incredible excitement, this round has four major powerhouses of the world – Team Secret, Invictus Gaming, Nigma and Vici Gaming.

The International 2024 Overview: Teams, Schedule, Location

Invictus Gaming were the champions of One Esports Singapore Major a few months ago yet their performance during the qualifiers of this tournament was just average. With the worst win rate among all the teams participating here at 47%, Invictus Gaming doesn’t look strong. The only thing that might change their road to success is that Su “super” Peng is going to stand-in for Chan “Oli” Chon Kien but it is still unlikely that IG will qualify for the next round.

Execration had their shining moment when they eliminated Fnatic in the SEA qualifiers but their overall experience and skill level is still lower in comparison to the four powerhouses in this round, hence Execration doesn’t have a chance to qualify further.

AS Monaco Gambit had a big roster shuffle recently as their two strongest players, No[o]ne and SoNNeikO left the team. They have no chance to qualify further too.

Team Secret, Team Nigma and Vici Gaming are the top three contenders of this stage and it will be an even battle. These teams are experienced and hungry to prove their mettle due to their defeat in the previous Major and to collect DPC Points to qualify for TI10.

Group Stage Predictions

The two teams predicted to qualify for the Upper Bracket are Team Secret and PSG.LGD. The four teams predicted to qualify for the Lower Bracket are Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, Vici Gaming and TNC Predator. The remaining two teams, Team Spirit and Beastcoast will be eliminated. Six out of eight teams will qualify for the playoffs in which two will qualify for the upper bracket and four for the LB.

Even though TNC Predator has been a strong team in the past, they had a roster shuffle before the qualifiers and have lost some important matches against weak opponents during the qualifiers hence their chances to qualify for the Upper Bracket are slim.

The International 2024 Overview: Teams, Schedule, Location

Team Liquid and Vici Gaming had a few victories against strong opponents but have not been dominant. Most of the series they won against strong opponents were 2-1 which means that they didn’t completely over-power them.

Evil Geniuses were the runner-up of One Esports Singapore Major 2021 and have performed brilliantly in the last few months. They have a great chance to qualify for the upper bracket. Their only disadvantage is that Chinese and European teams have so many strong opponents to practice against but EG only has Quincy Crew. Practice certainly plays a big role and that’s why they might not qualify for the upper bracket. They can still shine if they’ve had good practice against the teams who have already reached Kiev to participate at the WePlay AniMajor.

Our Top 4 Contenders To Win The Tournament

Team Secret, Team Aster, and PSG.LGD are experienced and highly skilled. is still a highly unpredictable team as they take lots of risks during the matches.

Team Secret have had enough defeats in the recent months but this is the tournament where they will take their stand. They need to qualify for TI10 and when all the teams will be under pressure, Team Secret will be calm and collective due to strong leadership. Team Aster and PSG.LGD have shown consistency in their performance against strong opponents which has given them enough knowledge of the patch and practice to overcome any team participating in this tournament.

Here at ESTNN, we're putting our money on Team Secret to become the legends in Kiev. You can vote for your pick over on our Twitter poll or over on our Facebook!

Stay tuned to see if we're right as we follow all the excitement from the WePlay AniMajor starting today!

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