Dota 2: Valve’s Removal of the Unit Query Panel Has Upset Some Pro Players

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Dota 2: Valve’s Removal of the Unit Query Panel Has Upset Some Pro Players

Some Dota 2 pros are upset over a recent UI change just weeks before TI 9.

The International 2019 is slowly approaching, and Valve is making the last tweaks before the beginning of the tournament. According to the last update from a couple of days ago, “The optional unit query panel has been removed. We started fixing a couple of bugs with it and felt that the feature needed large design changes to be usable by a bigger portion of players, as less than 1% of players have used it after we added the option for it.”

At first glance, this does not seem like a big deal at all, especially if the numbers are true. However, it turns out that this is a serious issue for some professional Dota 2 players.

Samuel “Boxi” Svahn

According to one of the most talented Swedish players, Alliance's Samuel “Boxi” Svahn, this update has caused some frustration. Specifically, he claims that he and his teammate Tommy “Taiga” Le have actively used the unit query panel. The reason behind this is the fact that both of them are ex-Heroes of Newerth players.

Despite Boxi’s statement, many players out there have no idea what does this option even does. The Unit Query Panel is a UI option that allows every unit a player clicks on to appear at the bottom of the screen. Even though this might not seem like a big deal, many of the other Moba games (Heroes of Newerth, for example) have similar options. When a player transits from a game like that to Dota, things can get very hard until they get used to it.

Since TI is coming up in just a few days, the claims from Alliance have their grounds. After all, you can’t really enforce on someone what options to use. We are yet to see if Valve will revoke their decision.

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Dota 2: Valve’s Removal of the Unit Query Panel Has Upset Some Pro Players
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