Dota 2: Valve Releases Winter Battle Pass & Aghanim’s Labyrinth Event

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Dota 2: Valve Releases Winter Battle Pass & Aghanim’s Labyrinth Event

Mirana Persona, Drow Ranger Arcana and lots of new Immortal cosmetics. Christmas couldn’t get better.

Valve has finally released the most awaited update for Dota 2. The all new Battle Pass along with Aghanim’s event have made their way into the game.

Unlike previous years, Valve brought two Battle Pass updates this year. We take a brief look at what the new update has in store for us.

Aghanim’s Labyrinth Event

The Continuum Conundrum event is available for everyone in the game and is like the one we witnessed last time. A team of four players will explore the ancient Continuum Vault, where they will come across many surprises and challenges. The event will give players options to choose from multiple doors in-game, which will open different paths for them.

Battle Pass

Weekly Quests

Like usual, the Battle Pass will contain weekly quests which will grant battle points on completion. Players can earn up to 18 stars every week and unlock four rewards in doing so. These points are key to steadily increasing the BP level.

Additional Features

This BP comes with some new features to aid players in the game. Players will get Neutral Items recommendations based on their hero and current game. This can help players decide which Neutral Item is best for them in the early, mid and late game.

There's also a new Rune Spawn Indicator to help players take those runes as and when they spawn.

But, the most exciting addition is the Average Gold Bounty indicator, which will help players determine the lane creep’s average bounty if they decide to farm it. Holding the Alt key will show the average gold bounty.

Controller Support

Valve has also added controller support for the game. However, this feature is still in the testing phase and the company is looking for feedback from the community. We can’t think of Dota 2 being a controller friendly game, but with the launch of Steam Deck, this was always coming.

Battle Pass Rewards

This is what most players have their eye on. The Battle Pass will include Immortal cosmetics for various heroes, including Huskar, Lone Druid, Zeus and more. Apart from the Immortals, reaching level 94 will give you Woodland Warbands, which are custom creeps for both Radiant and Dire sides.

Mirana of Nightsilver, the new skin unlocked with the Battle Pass, based on the hero's appearance in the anime, Dragons Blood

At level 135, we get Mirana’s Dragon Blood themed persona called Mirana of Nighsilver. If players level up even more they can get Mirana’s Dark Moon Armor at level 235. The whole persona features custom right click, ability and movement animation. It will also add new voice lines like other personas in the past.

Level 200 will unlock Grasp Of The Elder Gods, which are custom hand-shaped animated towers for both sides. Add 77 levels to that and you land yourself Hoodwink’s prestige bundle set called Tomo’kan Incarnate. Hate to say but this one actually looks very good.

The new Drow Ranger Arcana features the archer weilding an icy crossbow

At level 333, we get Dead Retribution, which is Drow Ranger’s Arcana bundle. It features a new model for the hero along with custom animation and effects. It also adds 800+ Arcana-exclusive voice lines, custom kills and special items effects. Of course, there is also a second unlockable style to Drow Arcana. A cool feature of the set is when Drow is killed in the game, the hero who killed her will have a mark of revenge. If Drow kills that hero and her team wins the match, it will add to the Arcana progress for unlocking the alternative style.

The Battle Pass starts at USD $7.49 for Level 1, $26.99 for 50 Level Bundle and $41.99 for 100 Levels.

Feature Images: Valve

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