Dota 2: Valve Brings Fantasy Play For DPC & Hints About New Battle Pass

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Dota 2: Valve Brings Fantasy Play For DPC & Hints About New Battle Pass

The Compendium feature is coming to the Dota Pro Circuit.

Valve has added the Fantasy game to the entire DPC, which is going to start next week. Fans will now compete with their respective rosters. Apart from the recent addition, Valve has also confirmed that they are working on a Battle Pass including a surprise package.

Everything About Fantasy DPC

The Fantasy game will go on throughout the DPC season, which includes three tours. Fantasy teams feature five players comprising two Core Player Cards, one Mid Player Card, and two Support Player Cards. Users will earn points based on how their roster performs. Gold and Silver cards earn more points than Bronze ones.

All players will get 10 Starter Packs and winning a game of Dota will earn further packs each day. Users also have the option to buy Team Packs, which will only offer players from that specific team. Starter Packs will offer players from the region the user has selected for competing.

Players can compete in multiple regions, but Valve will select the best fantasy team as the final score. They will divide rewards based on scores which are:

  • Top 10% scoring Fantasy Teams for the period receive 3 Fantasy Levels.
  • Top 25% scoring Fantasy Teams for the period receive 2 Fantasy Levels.
  • Top 50% scoring Fantasy Teams for the period receive 1 Fantasy Level.
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Players will get DPC Winter 2022 Tour treasure for every third Fantasy Level and at every level they will get 500 shards.

The DPC Fantasy is a significant step to engage viewers in a competitive scene. This will not only encourage viewership during the normal seasonal games but also help the community keep tabs on their teams and professional players.

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