Dota 2: Two Teams Are Out Of OMEGA League Europe And CIS

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Dota 2: Two Teams Are Out Of OMEGA League Europe And CIS

Here's what happened after the group stage of Europe and CIS Immortal division.

Even though the best Dota 2 teams in the world are in the Immortal division, the Divine one is also pretty interesting to watch. There, the teams are playing for a prize pool of $50K USD. However, now that the groups are over, two teams will have to wave goodbye to the event.

What happened in the groups?

As expected, a few teams failed to impress with their performance in the group stage. The vast majority of the series in the groups are now over, which means that we know the names of the teams who won’t be continuing forward in the event.

The first one is Voldemort, which was one of the promising squads before the event began. However, after they’ve played four series in total, they haven’t won a single one. As a result, they don’t have any points and will be eliminated from the event. Despite the fact they’ve won three games, they are at the bottom of their group.

The second team that is also going home is 5Comrades. The situation with them is even more complex because they haven’t won a single game. So far, their stats is 0/8, which means that they don’t have any chance to continue forward.

Currently, the leader in group A is Cyber Legacy. Even though people expected EXTREMUM  to be the driving force here, CL has been pretty good so far and is definitely one of the favorites.

As for group B, the team that leads the pack is Cyberium Seed, which was expected. Ivaylo “Mastermind” Petkov and his team-mates had little to no trouble and will definitely be one of the main contenders for the big prize.

What’s next?

After we saw some cool series, the Divine division will now take a short break. During the break, it's time for the Immortal division yet again. So expect to witness some epic series.

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Dota 2: Two Teams Are Out Of OMEGA League Europe And CIS
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