Dota 2: Top 3 Calibration Heroes in 7.22G

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Dota 2: Top 3 Calibration Heroes in 7.22G

We are most likely days (or weeks) away from getting a new gameplay update in Dota 2. Valve did, however, announce two new heroes and that are supposed to arrive alongside the new update. That said, many people thought that it will be released shortly after TI concluded. However, this was not the case.

Instead, Valve decided to announce the beginning of the new ranked season. This means that there are many players right now trying to calibrate properly, which is why it’s important to know which heroes are the best option to do so. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top three heroes in 7.22G.



If we take a look at DotaBuff’s statistics, we can clearly see that Visage is in the leading charts. In fact, the hero is dominating nearly every skill bracket, even surpassing 58% in the Ancient one, which is a clear sign that this is one of the best heroes to play right now.

However, Visage not your typical hero. He is tricky to play because you need to have a lot of unit control in order to utilize his ult. What’s more, if you are inexperienced, you can get easily crushed in the mid lane, which will result in a fast loss. That’s why you need to know how to actually the hero properly, otherwise, it will be a feed fest.

One of the best items right now is Helm of the Dominator. After all, it allows you to get another strong jungle creep by your side. When you combine this with an early Drums of Endurance, you can literally walk over your enemies with ease.


Night Stalker

Despite the fact that he is not in the top 5 in terms of win rating, NS is definitely worth being here. We expected for him to rise up as one of the top heroes of the patch. After all, ever since patch 7.20, he became a very different hero to play. Sure, he was always able to soak some damage but with the current item build, he is one of the best initiators right now. What’s more, NS can often transition into a pretty decent late-game damage core. That said, this only seems to happen in pub games.

However, he still has some issues. First, there is no flash-farming skill, which limits his recovery. This means that if he gets very pressured early on, recovering is a very, very hard thing to do, especially if your team is getting pressured. Of course, it’s always possible to bounce back but it’s just hard.

Currently, Night Stalker has 55% at the highest skill bracket.


The last hero on our list for today is Lycan, one of the most annoying heroes to play against. He has always been somewhat popular, especially in pro games. In fact, many teams like to pick him because he can fit- into different tactics pretty well. However, when it comes down to pub games, he is often underestimated.

This is still true even today because he is one of the least picked heroes in the game. Yet, his win rating is pretty impressive – 58% in the Divine/Immortal bracket.

There are a couple of reasons for his success right now. Despite the fact he isn't of the faster farmers in the game, the recently added Scepter makes him a very dangerous enemy. Of course, let’s not forget that Lycan is also one of the fastest pushers in Dota 2.

General Calibration Tips

Regardless of what you do, you will nearly always end up around the same MMR as you were before. However, there are a couple of things that can help you squeeze out a few MMR more.

This one goes without saying – be sure to win your games. Even if you performed exceptionally well, a loss is a loss.

Secondly, always try winning your lane. Many people might say that this is not that relevant but it has an effect for sure. If you want to have an easier time doing this, just pick a lane-dominating hero.


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Dota 2: Top 3 Calibration Heroes in 7.22G
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