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Veselin Ignatov
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Dota 2: TNC Predator Invited to ESL One Hamburg 2019

ESL One Hamburg Invited Teams
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ESL One Hamburg is right around the corner, and TNC Predator is the latest team to attend.

The ESL One events are always among the most interesting to watch, especially for the people attending them live. That said, ESL One Hamburg is going to be held for the third year in a row now. Once again, players and fans will go to the Barclaycard Arena in order to determine which team is worth getting the trophy, as well as a piece of the $300K prize pool


Teams Invited to ESL One Hamburg

The first team ESL confirmed after VP is TNC Predator. Recently, the SEA powerhouse shoved their way into the spotlight after a very big roster change. Carlo “Kuku” Palad and Nico eyyou Barcelon decided to try their luck elsewhere while Damien “kpii” Chok and March took their places. Needless to say, no one expected this, especially after the teams’ amazing run at TI 9. The only reason for their elimination was the fact that they had the bad luck of facing Team Liquid early on.

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Expect More Teams to ESL One Hamburg Soon

ESL One Hamburg 2019 is due to begin at the end of October this year. ESL will invite six more direct invites, whereas the others have to earn their spot through the qualifiers.

That said, ESL might be waiting to see the new rosters. It’s not as if we are not getting crazy changes every single day.

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Image VIA: ESL One

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