Dota 2 Tips: All the Different Ways to Level Up the TI 9 Battle Pass

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Dota 2 Tips: All the Different Ways to Level Up the TI 9 Battle Pass

With the TI 9 Battle Pass in full swing, ESTNN breaks down all the ways to level it up.

Valve unleashed the TI 9 Battle Pass exactly one month ago, and ever since that moment, the TI 9 prize pool grown faster than any other prize pool in Dota 2 history. One of the main reasons for that is the huge number of perks that the Battle Pass provides. There are just tons of new features that did not exist before, which makes it a lot more desirable.

However, in order to maximize the purchase, players will need to level it up as much as they can. There are several different ways of doing it. Players can either just purchase levels and ignore the other mechanics or they can do the different tasks that will ultimately level up the pass. Here is ESTNN's list of the most effective ways to level up the TI 9 Battle Pass as high as possible.


Wagering in your games

Wagering is the preferred method to level up for many of the hardcore players out there. That’s due to the fact that players can simply bet on thier own matches without having to do anything else.

The TI 9 Battle Pass owners have 1,000 weekly tokens which can be used as wagers. In addition to them, players also receive Tribute Tokens. These Tribute tokens are basically a wager for every member of your team. The higher a player's Battle Pass level, the more Tribute tokens they get.

The wager leveling is very easy to understand. Let’s say that a player wagers 500 tokens. If they manage to win the game, they get double the amount back in winnings. In this case – 1000. However, if you the player loses, they will only lose the wager that they've bet in the first place. The same applies to the Tribute Tokens.


Unlocking Achievements

Valve added Achievements to the Battle Pass a couple of Compendiums ago. In total, there are 42 different achievements which players can complete. Each of them will give a different amount of Battle Points. What’s more, most achievements have different levels, which means that the next level of each of them will provide significantly more Battle Points compared to the previous level.

Unlike Waging, The achievement unlocking is a process that can take some time to do. While this is not a problem for the hardcore fans, it might not be the perfect solution for casual players.


Completing the Jungle Expedition


The Jungle Expedition is actually a very fun way to grind up those Battle Pass levels. Similar to last year, the mode is based on playing different heroes in order to progress. The further a player progresses, the more points they get. Additionally, players can also earn various exclusive sets as well as Dota Plus Shards. This makes the Jungle Expedition a very lucrative and fun way to progress to your desired level.

Check out the video for more information regarding the mode.


Coaching & Getting tipped

Being able to be a coach in Dota is nothing new. However, the coaching mechanism really leveled up after the introduction of this year's Battle Pass. In order to be able to coach, you need to have a high rank. After that, you can coach players who have a lower rank than you. By doing this, players can earn as much as 15k points, which translates into 15 levels. This method of leveling could be very useful if players have some friends who are a lower rank than they are. Just gather up and get the levels rolling. The same applies to the tip function.

Friends or teammates can tip players, which will also help level the Pass. What’s more, besides the usual role of a tip, there are many players out there that are constantly tipping whenever someone does a mistake. This might seem like a bit toxic, but at the end of the day, it does help players level faster.

It’s important to remember that the maximum tips per week are set to ten. In addition, the higher the players level, the higher the amount of the tip itself.


Wrath of Mo'Rakai

We are still not sure what will the Wrath of Mo’Rakai provide in terms of points. It is very likely that it will bring tons of points, which will automatically make it one of the best choices for leveling.


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Dota 2 Tips: All the Different Ways to Level Up the TI 9 Battle Pass
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