Dota 2: TI 9 Lower Bracket Final Recap – Team Liquid Vs PSG.LGD

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Dota 2: TI 9 Lower Bracket Final Recap – Team Liquid Vs PSG.LGD

And just like that, the biggest event in esports history came to an end. It is safe to say that this was the absolute best TI we have ever seen. Not only was it full with tons of back-and-forth action but every single team had to chance to lift the trophy. Some of them managed to get their best finish at such an event, whereas others just crumbled under pressure.

Let’s take a look at what happened in the Lower Bracket final.

Team Liquid vs PSG.LGD

Undoubtedly two of the strongest team so far had to go head to head. The prize? A spot at the Grand Final and a chance to dethrone OG. Needless to say, this series was a joy to watch for every Dota 2 fan out there.

Game One

The first game of this amazing series was everything we dreamed of. Not only was it nearly one hour long but it had some pretty outstanding moments for both teams.

To be fair neither was really able to take advantage until the mid-game began. However, when this happened, Wang “Ame” Chunyu’s Spectre completely exploded. Liquid’s only chance was to defend their high ground with Aliwi “w33” Omar’s Tinker. Sadly, they were just delaying the inevitable as The Chinese claimed the lead in this amazing series.

Game Two

With just one game between them and the Grand Finals, LGD looked very strong. In fact, they pretty much dominated throughout the entire game. Team Liquid had some glimmer of hopes several times but the Chinese powerhouse, which is known to play one of the most disciplined Dota, did not let their victory slip from their fingers.

However, this all changes once LGD decided it’s high time to push their enemies T3 towers. Even though TI 7 champions lost bot and mid rax, they killed their enemies and forced their buybacks. Suddenly, Lu “Maybe” Yao and Co.’s advantage completely disappeared.

After securing the aegis, Team Liquid was looking to try and close the game. There was a very chaotic fight near the top bounty rune but after using a couple of buybacks, the European team was the one which came on top and pushed the series into a final game three.

Game Three

The last game of this epic series started in favor of the European powerhouse. In fact, they pretty much stomped their enemies and just 14 mins into the game, they had over 5k advantage and an Aegis as well.

After this point, Team Liquid completely dominated and slowly but steadily secured the win and a sport at the Grand Final.

PSG.LGD finished third, which is very impressive. Sadly, they were unable to take revenge over OG this year.

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Dota 2: TI 9 Lower Bracket Final Recap – Team Liquid Vs PSG.LGD
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