Dota 2: TI 9 Europe Closed Qualifier Results

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Dota 2: TI 9 Europe Closed Qualifier Results

Similar to China, today fans also found who the last European team would be to join the big names in TI 9. 

EU Closed Qualifiers Group Stage TI 9

The groups were very interesting to watch because they were full of surprises.  Teams that many considered to be favorites couldn’t even make it to the Playoffs. Others like Hippomaniacs, however, actually finished first in the group and delivered a clear message that fans should never underestimate any team, especially when it comes down to TI qualifiers.

In fact, Hippomaniacs continued to dominate in the first round of the playoffs as well. However, shortly after that, they suffered two losses in a row, which pretty much denied their TI chance. 

At the end of the day, only two teams managed to find their way through the rest. The Final Tribe went head to head with the newest EU team- Chaos Esports Club.


The Grand Final

Chaos Esports Club vs. The Final Tribe


Chaos EC was definitely the heavy favorite going into this series.

In Game One, MATUMBAMAN and his teammates needed just 24 minutes to win. They completely demolished The Final Tribe during the laning stage, which afforded them a very comfortable lead later on. The Final Tribe couldn’t take any sort of proper fight and instead were forced to rely on a mistake from their enemies. Unfortunately for them, this did not happen and Chaos secured the lead in the series.

Nearly the same happened in Game Two, even though TFT put up some fight. This time, Chaos tried to play a more push-based lineup, which turned out to be successful. 

With just one game away securing a spot at TI 9, MiSeRy and co. looked stronger than ever. Similar to the other two games before this one, Chaos had a wonderful laning stage. Probably one of the main reason for their success was Matumba’s DK. He was absolutely massive and TFT had no way to counter him. 

Chaos EC definitely deserves their spot in the biggest tournament of the year. It will be very interesting to see Matumbaman going against his old team-mates from Team Liquid.


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Dota 2: TI 9 Europe Closed Qualifier Results
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