Dota 2: The Treasure of the Timeless Rite is Available Now

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Dota 2: The Treasure of the Timeless Rite is Available Now

Valve has released the Treasure of the Timeless Rite for a limited time.

Today is the day the Treasure for the first Minor of the new DPC – Dota Summit 11 drops. However, it seems like Valve has other things stored for us as well because they’ve released the Treasure of the Timeless rite which is a new chest that has some pretty cool items. However, you need to hurry up if you want to get it because it will only be available for a few days.

What’s Inside

The idea behind this Treasure is to “re-introduce” some old-school items that are not available anymore. Even though it seems interesting, most players are not really thrilled with the new release. It just comes at a price of $1.99 USD which is just too much for what it is.

Here is what you can get from here – Omen’s Embrace, Splendor of the Protean Emperor, Cry of the Battlehawk, Raikage Warrior, Molten Destructor, Chimera’s Rage, Volatile Majesty, Twilight’s Rest, Gifted Jester, Herald of Measureless Ruin, Scavenger of the Basilisk, Roving Pathfinder, Procession of the Partisan Guard, Atrocities of the Abyssal Scourge, Hunter’s Glory, Torment of the Chainbreaker, The Frostbourne Wayfarer, Jiang Shi’s Revenge.

In addition to those mentioned above, players can also get the complete version of Ethereal Monarch, Province of the Psion Inquisitor, Dark Moon Staler and Vigilance of the Manticore

Valve’s decision is to release this Treasure is very strange. It comes at a time where it hasn’t been any new content for a while. To make matters worse, some of the sets included here used to be considered as “limited editions.”

The only thing we can do now is waiting for the two DPC tournaments to end. Apparently, the Outlanders update will be released just after that. As you know, it will feature much new stuff, including two new heroes.

Dota 2: The Treasure of the Timeless Rite is Available Now
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