Dota 2: The TI10 Battle Pass Ends In Just A Few Days

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Dota 2: The TI10 Battle Pass Ends In Just A Few Days

We are just a few days away until the end of the Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass this year is really different from what we’re used to. Apart from the fact that we had a lot more surprises than usual, we also had more time to use it, which makes it even more special.

In addition to all of the immortals, arcanas, and other cool items, this Battle Pass also helped TI 10’s prize pool to become the biggest prize pool out of any esports event so far. Right now, it is sitting at $39M USD, which means we need just a little bit more until we reach the mind-blowing $40M USD.

Can we do it?

As much as we want a $40M prize pool, we only have ten days until this Battle Pass expires. Sadly, Valve has pretty much confirmed that we won’t see TI 10 this year. Although many people hoped that this won't happen, COVID-19 is too dangerous right now.

Apart from the TI prize pool, another thing that we need to point out is we will soon learn who will win the arcana vote. In case you don’t know, Spectre is fighting against Faceless Void. Both of these heroes are really popular, so it will interesting to see what will happen.

If there are still some rewards from the Batte Pass which you haven’t unlocked, now is time to do so. Don’t forget that you won’t be able to get any of the arcanas once it expires.

Dota 2: The TI10 Battle Pass Ends In Just A Few Days
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