Dota 2: The TI 9 Talent Lineup has been Published

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Dota 2: The TI 9 Talent Lineup has been Published

Today, Valve released a new blog post in which they are hyping fans for the upcoming TI 9. Alongside that, one can now go to the in-game Compendium to check the complete list of Casters and Talents for this year’s event.

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Photo via Wykrhm's Facebook page.

Of course, all the big names from the English panels will be there.

In addition to those listed, Kaci Aitchison is joining forces with Valve yet again. She and Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner always deliver quality content for viewers.

There will also be many well-known players that will join the casters' panels because they were unable to qualify for TI 9. One of the most famous of these is Kim’Febby’Yong-mion

Unfortunately, Henrik “AdmiralBulldog” Ahnberg will not be in the panel this year. There is no information on why, but there could be a problem with his visa because he has had such problems before. Regardless of the reason, this is definitely a big loss for the viewers. After all, Henrik is definitely among the most interesting personalities in Dota 2.

The Official Website and More

Valve has now launched the official tournament website for The International 2019. As the Group Stage and Main Event progress, fans will be able to catch up there if they missed out on any of the action. In addition, the prize pool distribution and many other things will be available for viewing there.

The Group Stage itself starts on August 15th and ends three days later. Similar to last year, there will be two best-of-two groups consisted of nine teams each. The top four of each group will go to the Upper Bracket, five of them to the Lower Bracket and the bottom team in each group will sadly go home. The Main Event will take place from the 20th of August, 2019 and will last five days in total. Again, similar to before, there will be a best-of-three double elimination playoff. Everything except Round One in the Lower Bracket will be best of three. Of course, the Grand Final is going to be a classic Bot Deathmatch.


According to Valve, they have partnered again with Bacraft United who will facilitate the Pubstom administration. Having said that, the official landing page will launch later this week.

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Featured image via Dota 2 and Valve Corporation.

Dota 2: The TI 9 Talent Lineup has been Published
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