Dota 2: The Summit 10 Starts Tomorrow

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Dota 2: The Summit 10 Starts Tomorrow

The tenth iteration of the fan-favorite Dota 2 Summit event starts tomorrow.

Even though this years’ DPC is over, there is still one more tournament to watch before The International 2019. The Summit 10 is one of the most player and viewer-friendly Dota 2 events out there.


In fact, it is hard to find another tournament that allows the players to just chill and play casually without revealing any of their main tactics for TI. Let’s take a look at the overview of The Summit and the teams taking part in it.


Alliance will be there

Starting on July 25 and running until July 28, Summit 10 will feature six amazing teams. Five out of those six teams, however, will not be going to TI 9. However, the final contestant is Alliance, a team which secured their spot to TI during the EPICENTER Major.

When Alliance first announced that would attend Summit 10, most people thought they were joking. Alliance, after all, needs to fly to Shanghai for TI 9 and, as we know, the Summit takes place in the US and Alliance themselves are from Europe.

Despite that, it seems like the Swedish squad wants to squeeze every single training opportunity they have.

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On Air Talent

As expected, Summit 10 will feature some of the best talent in Dota 2. The viewers will have the chance to listen to Owen ‘ODpixel’ Davies, Grant ‘GranDGranT’ Harris and more. Also, let’s not forget that many of the players are also taking part in the casting themselves.


Teams That Are Attending The Summit 10

Apart from the TI 3 Champions, there are also some very interesting teams taking part in this tournament.

First up is Complexity Gaming. Unfortunately, the NA team did not have the best DPC as they couldn’t qualify for TI 9. Despite that, after they made a few roster changes, the results started to kick in. This is definitely a step in the right direction and The Summit 10 will probably be another success for them.

The next directly invited team is yet another NA squad – J.storm. Similar to Complexity, their DPC season has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Regardless of that, they managed to pick themselves up and dust themselves off and demolis their enemies in the Closed Qualifiers for TI 9.

However, Forward Gaming, Roman’ Resolut1ion’ Fominok’s previous team, was just too big to deal with. This was a devastating loss for J.storm but a potential win at The Summit 10 might make things better.

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Team Serenity is going to be the only Chinese representative here. Similar to CoL, they had a very bad start followed by a series of glimmers of hope. Despite that, they will only be able to watch TI 9 on Twitch rather than playing in it.

South America’s paiN gaming is a very interesting team. They have had a series of roster changes which pretty much resulted in their weakening and ultimately – not qualifying for the biggest event in Dota 2. On top of that, one of their star players – 4rd will miss this tournament due to visa issues. He will be replaced with Therence instead, who will try to fill in the role.


Last, but not least, we have beastcoast, Jacky ‘EternalEnvy’ Mao’s ex-team. This “project” was supposed to become one of the most dominant NA teams. However, the reality was very different and after several unsuccessful events, EE left the team. Now they are slowly recovering after their third place in the NA qualifiers for TI 9.

Make sure to catch the event live on the BTS Twitch channel, Also, feel free to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest esports news.

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Dota 2: The Summit 10 Starts Tomorrow
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