Dota 2: The Most Annoying Hero Combinations

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Dota 2: The Most Annoying Hero Combinations

These are some of the most annoying hero combinations that you can pick in Dota 2.

Some Dota 2 players want to gain MMR without spamming the strongest heroes in a given patch. Others simply want to have fun while playing with their friends. In both cases, players can pick certain heroes that are notorious for being really annoying to play against.

Although some of them might not be that strong on their own, if they lane together, they can be a nightmare for every opponent. The options mentioned below are known for their lane-stomping capabilities, which makes them a great option for pubs.

Venomancer and Undying

The first hero combination that can make the life of every carry player a living hell is Venomancer and Undying. These two heroes are strong on their own, especially Venomancer, who is often the go-to option for many pro teams. Although the hero usually takes the mid lane, in this combo, he and Undying should go to the offlane.

Venomancer is not the most durable hero in the game, but he does tons of DoT, thanks to his abilities. On the other hand, Undying is known for being extremely difficult to deal with during the laning stage. When they are together, these two heroes can kill almost every carry and support duo in the game. Thanks to Tombstone, they can even dive under the enemy’s tower very early on.

In this situation, the enemy’s carry will try to switch the lane or go to the jungle. This means that he will lose a lot of farm, which will give enough space to the core players in your team. Unfortunately, the Venomancer and Undying combo is not that strong during the late game, so teams that pick those heroes should try to defeat their opponents as fast as possible.

Necrophos and Undying

If Venomancer and Undying don’t seem that good together, perhaps Necrophos will do a better job. What is important to keep in mind about this hero is that he is a core. In other words, if you pair him with Undying, Necro has to be the one that farms, otherwise he won’t be effective.

The main advantage of using these heroes is the damage and heal capabilities. Both heroes have healing spells, which means they can sustain themselves in the lane and survive ganks. As for damage, both of them have good spells that can harras every lane. Speaking of the devil, the two heroes usually go to the offlane, where they could face a duo or a tri-lane.

Lycan and Beastmaster

This hero combination is entirely different from the ones mentioned above. For starters, these two heroes can’t be on the same lane if they are from the same team because both need to farm. This means that the combo starts working once the laning stage is over.

Lycan and Beastmaster work well together for numerous reasons. Both of them have “pets” that deal a substantial amount of damage, and both are good at pushing the enemy’s towers. Speaking of pushing, this is the thing that makes them so dangerous, especially if they have items. Once they gather, they can easily bring down any tower in a matter of seconds.

Dark Seer and Slark

DS and Slark is another hero combination that can do well in certain situations. It is also not something that people should use during the laning stage because both heroes are cores and they need to farm. However, once the laning stage is over, Dark Seer’s shell and Slark’s elusiveness make this one of the deadliest combos in the game.

Slark is one of the strongest carries in Dota 2 because he can do a lot of damage and survive a lot longer than other agility heroes. The fact that he can do even more damage and get “Surge” from DS makes him even more complicated to overcome, especially in long fights. Let’s also not forget that Slark steals stats from his opponents after every attack.

Chen and Enigma

While we are on the topic of pushing, we have two additional heroes that can do pretty well together — Chen and Enigma. At first sight, they don’t seem that good because both need to utilize the jungle to be effective. However, Enigma is also a solid offlaner that can do pretty well on the lane, as long as he is careful.

Thanks to Chen’s neutral creeps and Enigma’s minions, these two heroes have one of the best pushing capabilities in the game. Furthermore, both heroes have AoE spells, which means they do wonders during team fights.

Jakiro and Faceless Void

At first sight, these two heroes seem entirely different. Jakiro is usually a support that can also go mid in certain situations. On the other hand, Faceless Void is known for being one of the best carries in the game. Interestingly, the hero can also take the offlane and do pretty well against most heroes.

The reason why Jakiro and Void work well together are both heroes’ ultimates. Chronosphere and Macropyre are excellent together and can do some severe damage during team fights. Unfortunately, these two abilities are effective only if they are used correctly. This means that the person who picks Faceless Void has to land good ultimates.

Huskar and Dazzle

In an article where we want to cover annoying hero combinations, we have to include Huskar in at least one of them. This is probably one of the most dangerous core heroes you have to go up against in the laning stage. When you add Dazzle to the equation, it is easy to see why this combo successfully survived the test of time. Even though it hasn’t been in the meta for several years, people pick Huskar and Dazzle regularly.

What makes the combination so dangerous is that Huskar can utilize his abilities, thanks to Dazzle’s grave. In other words, the hero can stay on low HP most of the time, which will allow him to do more damage.

Dota 2: The Most Annoying Hero Combinations
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