Dota 2: The Lima Major 2023 Playoffs Overview – Day 5

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Dota 2: The Lima Major 2023 Playoffs Overview – Day 5

All the action from Day 5 of the Playoffs at the Lima Major.

We’re slowly but steadily coming to The Lima Major 2023’s end because the first big event of 2023 will end on Sunday. Needless to say, the last 2 weeks allowed us to watch the best teams in the world, and many of them surprised us with their results. Speaking of the devil, you can check what happened yesterday and in each of the previous days by checking our recaps

While talking about the Major, the second-last day of this epic event allowed us to watch three series. Two of them were in the Lower Bracket, but we also witnessed the Upper Bracket final. Unsurprisingly, all series were epic, so let’s learn more about them and see what made them so popular.


Entity vs Talon Esports

The first match from the Lower Bracket was a battle between the last remaining SEA team and Entity. Even though the Western European powerhouse was considered the favorite in the clash, Tobi and the rest haven’t been that dominant in this Major. Consequently, Talon had the chance to upset their opponents and win the clash.

Game 1

Entity decided to get Invoker and Pudge for the first game of the series to surprise its opponent. Even though Talon Esports had some difficulties early on, the team’s greedy/aggressive lineup with Spectre and Razor eventually paid off.

The laning stage wasn’t the best for 23savage and the rest because Talon had some difficulties. Fortunately, Entity couldn’t make use of its advantage and allowed its opponents to bounce back. 

Once Talon got the lead in the match, the team made sure it won’t lose it, so it started slowly but steadily suffocating its opponents. The team used Spectre’s ultimate to take team fights and farmed most of the map when it wasn’t up. A couple of minutes after the mid-game arrived, their Razor became almost unkillable and Talon Esports won the first map.

Game 2

Entity was one game away from elimination, so it decided to roll out its signature Terrorblade, a hero the team has been using when it needs to win. The WEU squad paired the hero with Skywrath Mage and Enigma, which meant this was a 4 protect 1 strat.

Although it looks good on paper, Entity failed to utilize it. The team had to place against Talon’s Templar Assassin and Zeus combo, which probably doesn’t look that dangerous on paper. However, the SEA powerhouse knew how to use it, so they had no problems defeating their opponents.

Although the WEU team had a better draft for the early game, the team didn’t make anything of it. The loss early on allowed Talon to take control of the match, use the momentum to snowball, and eventually win. This means the next challenge ahead of the SEA powerhouse was Shopify Rebellion.

Gaimin Gladiators vs Team Liquid

The second series of the day was the Final in the Upper Bracket of The Lima Major 2023. Team Liquid and GG are 2 of the best teams at the event so far, so we were eager to see the clash between them.

Game 1

Team Liquid was undoubtedly the big favorite in the match because the team hasn’t lost a single series yet. That said, even Nisha couldn’t carry his team in the match's first game because GG was better and won.

Even though Liquid’s draft Zeus and Morph looked really good on paper, the team failed to stop GG’s IO and CK setup. These two heroes aren’t that popular in the current meta, but it seems like Ace and the rest knew what to do. As a result, the team won the first map after 40 minutes of play.

Game 2

Team Liquid had its back against the wall in the second game because a loss would send them into the Lower Bracket. It seems like the team was prepared for this because it decided to pick Slark and Enigma, a setup we haven’t seen them use in a while.

Although Liquid looked good on paper, the team wasn’t strong enough to defeat Gamin Gladiators. The latter went with Ursa and Broodmother and completely ripped through their competitors.

Quinn and co. deserved this victory and secured themselves the slot for The Grand Final of The Lima Major 2023.

Talon Esports defeated Shopify Rebellion

The last series of Day 5 of The Lima Major 2023 was between Talon Esports and Shopify Rebellion. 23savage and the rest secured their spot here after defeating Entity earlier today, so the team looked really motivated. Although we expected the North American squad to win this match, Talon was better and won the event.

Game 1

The series between these two started with a quick victory for Talon because the team picked Lina and Puck. These two heroes had little to no problems dealing with the draft from the ex-EG players and gave the SEA club the lead.

Game 2

Despite winning the first map, Talon wasn’t able to close the series right away. Arteezy and the rest stepped up their game and won the second map after getting the infamous Bloodseeker and Zeus combo. These two heroes are powerful together, and it seems like SR was saving this pick for moments like this.

As expected, the NA squad had a solid laning stage because Cr1t and his ES helped with ganks. Even though Talon looked good, Arteezy and Abed slowly became too powerful, even for Lina. This allowed SR to equalize the match and push the series into a third game.

Game 3

After getting their hands on Spectre and Storm Spirit, Talon Esports were the better team and won the third and decisive match. Although SR’s draft didn’t look bad on paper, it was behind the entire game. The SEA powerhouse grabbed the lead early and used it to gain momentum. In the end, the deadly combo between SS and Spectre allowed the SEA squad to win the match and reach the Lower Bracket final.

Dota 2: The Lima Major 2023 Playoffs Overview – Day 5
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