Dota 2: The Lima Major 2023 Playoffs Overview – Day 1

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Dota 2: The Lima Major 2023 Playoffs Overview – Day 1

All the action from Day 1 of the Playoffs at the Lima Major.

The Group Stage of The Lima Major 2023 is over, and with it, it’s time to focus on the Playoffs. 12 of the remaining teams will have to fight for their survival in the Upper and Lower Brackets for the next couple of days. Keep in mind that the final of the first Major of the 2023 DPC will take place this Sunday.

Speaking of playoffs and teams, the top 4 squads from Group A and B were placed in the Upper Bracket. The others received a slot for the Lower Bracket, which means they have no room for mistakes. If you’re interested in learning more about which teams have made it, you can read this article that goes over the things you can expect to find.


Day 1 of the Playoffs gave us a chance to watch 4 Dota 2 matches from the Upper Bracket. Naturally, every team wanted to win, which allowed us to watch some amazing games. We know that some of you haven’t had the chance to watch them, so let’s go through everything.

Gamin Gladiators vs Team Aster

The first series of Day 1 of the Playoffs at The Lima Major 2023 was between the Western European powerhouse and Team Aster. Gaimin Gladiators finished first in Group A after an epic battle against some of the best in the world. Speaking of epic battles, Aster had to go through hell to secure a top 4 finish, but in the end, the team succeeded. 

Game 1

In the first game of the match, Team Aster tried to rely on their Morphing and Enigma combo, something that they’ve used several times so far. On the other hand, GG used the Storm and Drow Ranger strategy, which has proven to be strong.

We expected the WEU team to win the laning stage, but the game was fairly even. However, everything changed in the mid-game because Storm and Drow snowballed out of control. The two cores ripped through their opponents and gave Gaimin Gladiators a massive 22k net worth lead just 30 minutes after the start.

Aster had no way of winning a team fight because they just didn’t have enough damage. The team relied heavily on Morphling, but the latter wasn’t able to do anything against GG’s draft and lost the first game.

Game 2

After the loss in the first game of the series at The Lima Major 203, we expected Team Aster to bounce back in the second game of the series. The team changed its draft from the ground up, but even picking Lina and Batrider wasn’t enough to win.

Like game one, GG was on another level and looked way more motivated to win. The laning stage wasn’t problematic for the WEU squad,  and their Troll Warlord/Nature’s Prophet draft quickly took full control of the game. 

In the end,GG needed just 33 minutes to win the second map and send Aster in the Lower Bracket.

Evil Geniuses vs Entity

Following the end of the first series of The Lima Major 2023 Playoffs Day 1, it was time for the second match. This time, the series was between the South American squad and Entity. EG surprised everyone by reaching this stage of the event, whereas Entity had no problems in Group B.

Game 1

What’s interesting about the first game of the series was that Entity had a massive lead after the end of the laning stage. The team ripped through its enemies in terms of kills and secured a comfortable advantage. In fact, it even tried pushing their opponents’ bottom rax after getting the Aegis on Lina. 

Even though EG stopped the push, Entity kept getting stronger and stronger. In the end, the team got the bottom and mid-rax, which was enough for them to win the game. 

Game 2

After winning the first game, Entity had to play even better in the second one because Evil Geniuses wasn’t going down without a fight. Speaking of the devil, we watched an amazing 50-minute game with tons of action. Even though EG’s Naga and Enigma draft seemed stronger on paper, Entity’s annoying playstyle and more experienced allowed the team to win.

It definitely wasn’t easy, but in the end, the Western European powerhouse won the match, advancing to the next stage. Sadly, EG must fight for its survival in the Lower Bracket.

Team Spirit vs Shopify Rebellion

One of the most anticipated series of the day was between Team Spirit and Shopify Rebellion. There was no arguing that the EEU squad was the heavy favorite, but Arteezy’s dominant performance so far helped SR win the match.

Game 1

The first game of the series didn’t start well for the North American powerhouse. Even though it had a pretty good draft, the laning stage went horribly wrong, allowing Team Spirit to use its fast-pushing draft. It didn’t take long before Yatoro, and the rest gained complete control and won the map.

Game 2

With their backs against the wall, the ex-EG roster had to make something happen, so it picked an interesting draft with Zeus and Shadow Fiend. It seems like Team Spirit didn’t expect to see this, which explains why they had many problems.

There were moments where Team Spirit was in the lead, but Shopify Rebellion was the more dominant team and eventually won the map, pushing the series into game 3.

Game 3

Speaking of the third game, SR got their hands on Templar Assassin, one of the signature heroes they use when they have to win. Team Spirit tried countering it with a high-armor and damage-reduction draft with Sven and Underlord. However, this wasn’t enough to stop Abed as he carried his team to victory.

Team Liquid vs Talon Esports

The final series of Day 1 of The Lima Major 2023 Playoffs was between Team Liquid and Talon Esports. Even though some people were hyped about this match, Liquid was the heavy favorite, so most players weren’t surprised that the WEU team won.

Game 1

The first map was a walk in the park for Nisha and the rest. Liquid’s excellent draft with Sniper allowed the team to win in just 31 minutes. Talon got their hands on several top meta heroes, but they couldn’t make the most of them.

Game 2

Following the fast loss, the SEA powerhouse decided to step up its game and pick an interesting draft around Omniknight. This made Liquid’s job slightly more complicated, but even this hero with Void and Ember wasn’t enough to win.

Liquid’s Drow Ranger strategy initially had some problems, but it slowly gained control. Talon’s draft looked better on paper, but the team didn’t have the experience to make the most of it. As a result, Nisha and Team Liquid won and sent their opponents to the Lower Bracket.

Speaking of The Lima Major 2023 Lower Bracket, we have 4 epic series that are going to start a couple of hours from now. Remember to follow us for more information, and don’t forget we have some of the best Dota 2 betting sites. You can find live streams, special bonuses, and even more perks.

Dota 2: The Lima Major 2023 Playoffs Overview – Day 1
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