Dota 2: The Least Picked Heroes in High-Rating Pub Games

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Dota 2: The Least Picked Heroes in High-Rating Pub Games

Which Dota 2 heroes get picked the least in high-rating pubs?

Every Dota 2 tournament has an effect on the meta, so it should not come as a surprise that The International 11 also falls into this category. The champions Tundra Esports have proven that no one can stop you once you figure out the meta. Unsurprisingly,  pub players keep an eye on the best in the world and try to pick and use the same heroes.

If we take a look at some of the heroes with the highest win rate, we can a lot of familiar names. Things like Naga Siren and Arc Warden were popular at TI 11, and it seems like most pub players know how to use them properly. Of course, the popularity of some heroes comes at the cost of others, which is why this article will focus on them.

The heroes you are about to see have really low pick rate compared to the rest among the highest-rating pub games in the Divine/Immortal bracket. We expect some of them to receive significant changes in the upcoming patch. However, we are still in the TI 11 meta, so some heroes do not receive enough love.


Surprisingly, the first her on the list is none other than Bristleback. Even though he was not the most popular carry at TI 11, some teams used him several times. Needless to say, he also had a crucial role in most events before The International.

Bristleback is a STR carry that is notorious for being difficult to deal with. He is really hard to kill and can deal a lot of damage. However, a few counters can cope with him fairly easily. It seems like this affects the hero’s popularity, which explains why he only has a 1.48% pick rate.

What’s even more disappointing about Bristleback is the hero’s win rage, which is just 42.30%, at least in the Divine/Immortal bracket. Needless to say, this makes BB one of the worst heroes to get in the current patch.

Dragon Knight

The next name on the list will also surprise some of you because Dragon Knight has always been a popular midder in professional games. However, the hero was never the go-to option in pubs, which is one of the reasons for his low win and pick rate.

According to the data, DK appeared in just 1.48% of the games, and he has a 45.96% win rate. Although he is more successful than Bristleback, he is definitely not the go-to option for the best pub players.

DK is one of the “safer picks” when it comes down to the mid-lane because he can go up against pretty much anything. However, his slow farming speed and the fact that he depends on his allies to secure kills means he is not among the best regarding pub games.


This is probably the biggest surprise on the list, especially when it comes down to PUB games. Meepo has never been popular in competitive matches because the hero has tons of counters. What’s more, he is really hard to play, so only a few top-tier players know how to take advantage of him. This explains why Meepo appeared in just a couple of matches at The International.

Albeit not the best in pro games, Meepo can do wonders when it comes down to pub games. He is the one-man army and one of the best options for players who want to boost themselves and reach their desired rank.

Another interesting thing about Meepo is the hero’s win rate, which is 54.36%. This makes him a lot more successful than every other name on the list. Despite his win rate, Meepo only has a 1.54% win rate.


Medusa was a top-tier meta hero a few years ago, but she often gets the chance to shine in professional games even when she is not the best in a given meta. We had the chance to see her several times at The International 11, and she had a 50% win rate, which is not that bad.

Sadly, this hero has one big flaw for pubs – she needs a lot of farm. Despite being among the best in the late game, most pub games do not reach this stage because one of the two teams gets a huge advantage and wins. This is where Medusa experiences a lot of problems because there are loads of other carries/mid-laners that can do more than her. 

Elder Titan

Some people may not be surprised that Elder Titan is on the list because he has never been a popular option among PUB players. In fact, the support is not trendy among pros either unless a given team wants to counter specific heroes, such as Morphling. ET’s passive is one of the best abilities to have against a strong late-game monster like him.

Interestingly, Elder Titan has a 50.49% win rate, making him the second most successful hero on the list after Meepo. The bad news is that he only has a 1.95% pick rate, which means he is among the least-popular heroes. 

Shadow Demon

Surprisingly, the last hero on the list is none other than Shadow Demon, one of the go-to supports in professional Dota 2. There is no arguing that the hero is not as big as a couple of years ago when the Luna-SD comb took over the world. However, he continues to be among the best options because of his skill set.

Sadly, it seems like most high-rated PUB support players can’t take advantage of the hero because he only has a 2.22% win rate. This makes him the second-least popular support hero after Elder Titan.

The good news about SD is the hero’s win rage, which is 50.19%. It may not seem that high, but it is more than a lot of other popular supports, such as Rubick, Tusk, and so on. We expect to see some Shadow Demon buffs in the subsequent Dota 2 patch.

Dota 2: The Least Picked Heroes in High-Rating Pub Games
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