Dota 2 The International 11 – The Most Banned Heroes

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Dota 2 The International 11 – The Most Banned Heroes

Sadly, The International 11 is over, so Dota 2 fans worldwide will have to wait for the new DPC if they want to watch the best teams in action.

Tundra Esports beat all odds and won the event after one of the most dominant performances. The team had no competition and deserved to win the most significant event in eSports.

Speaking of winning, Tundra was one of the most innovative squads because it used loads of exciting heroes. However, for their draft to work, the team always banned a couple of heroes. We won’t go into them in detail because this article will focus on the heroes that receive the most bans at The International 2021.

The International 11 – The Most Banned Heroes


The first hero on the list is none other than Enigma, one of the heroes known for having an insane ultimate. Enigma is not the current meta's hottest option, but players don’t want to play against it. Consequently, Enigma has been banned a total of 143 teams, more than any other hero.

Almost all teams removed Enigma from the hero pool because no one wants to play against the Black Hole. Even though this ability might not be that dangerous early on, it is game-winning at the later stages of the game. Players know that, so they prefer to remove it from the game.

Enigma is a hero that can be played as a support or an offlaner, depending on the pick and the hero’s opponents. Needless to say, this also affects Enigma’s ban rate.


Besides being the most popular hero at TI 11, Marci turned out to be one of the most banned ones. With 128 bans in total, it is clear that she is one of the best supports in the current meta. Now that The International 2022 is over, we won’t be surprised if Valve decides to nerf the hero in the upcoming patch.

Even though Marci’s impact on the game is not as big as Enigma and Black Hole, the hero can be a real pain to deal with. In addition to its insane high damage output, Marci can cc almost any hero in the game. This makes her an excellent option versus certain opponents that are hard to kill.

Primal Beast

There aren’t a lot of Dota 2 heroes that can be considered “OP, but if there is one, it has to be Primal Beast. Dota 2’s latest hero (aside from Muerta, which is not accessible yet) can single-handedly win team fights. The hero is incredibly tank and can deal tons of damage without needing many items. His ultimate allows him to keep a target in place, making him ideal in loads of situations.

With 125 bans, Primal Beast takes the third place for bans at The International 11. Interestingly, the hero only has a 47.76% win rate, much less than expected.


The next name on the list when it comes down to bans and The International 11 is Batrider. Once a powerful offlaner, most professional Dota 2 teams use Bat in the mid-lane, where he can easily rip through any hero in a 1v1 matchup. The fact that he is so strong in the laning phase is one of the main reasons why he receives a total of 115 bans.

Most teams that use Batrider in their draft focus on the mid-game, where he can show his prowess. Batrider is not among the heroes that deal a lot of damage later on, but his Laso is one of the best disables in Dota 2. It seems like most of the top-tier teams at TI 1 didn’t want to go up against him, so they’ve decided to add him to the ban pool.

Those teams that didn’t ban him usually had to play against Batrider. It gets really interesting because the official data shows that the hero only has a 20% win rate out of 20 games.  This makes him one of the least-successful heroes at the event.


Morph is among the top-tier Dota 2 heroes yet again. This time, he became the preferred option carry and the Pos 1 hero with the most bans during The International 11. According to the stats, the team decided they didn’t want to play against him in 114 matches. This may not surprise some players because Morphling has always been one of the most dominant carries in the game.


Since Broodmother is one of the strongest and most annoying heroes to go up against, she is always leading the ban charts. The International 11 was not an exception because teams removed her from the game, a total of 104 teams. What’s eleven more impressive is that we’ve seen her a total of 40 times, and she has an impressive 60% win rate.

One of the reasons for her ban rate is the fact that zai from Team Secret is among the best BM players in the world. Hence, many teams playing against Secret decided to remove this hero from the game and not let them use it.


Finally, we have one of the heroes that can be played as a midder or an offlaner, depending on the situation. Pangolier was among the popular Dota 2 heroes at The International, especially for some of the top teams, including Tundra Esports. Nine used his hero a lot throughout the event, which explains why he has a relatively high win rate compared to others.

When it comes down to bans at The International 11, Pango was removed from the game total of 99 times. This makes him almost as hated as Broodmother, which is another sign that he is pretty good right now.

Dota 2 The International 11 – The Most Banned Heroes
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