Dota 2: Highest Win Rate Heroes in Divine/Immortal Bracket

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Dota 2: Highest Win Rate Heroes in Divine/Immortal Bracket

Find out the Highest Win Rate Heroes in Dota 2 for the Divine/Immortal Bracket.

After watching the ESL One Stockholm 2022 Major on patch 7.31c, we expect Valve to release a new update in the near future. Until then, we have to play on the current patch, which is good news for those who know which heroes to use. 

Playing in the last couple of days of a given patch is usually a plus because you can gain loads of MMR. Winning a given Dota 2 game depends on a lot of things, including your teammates. However, picking the right hero can sometimes be enough to carry your team.

Speaking of carries, this article will focus on the Divine/Immortal bracket because this is where you can find the best players in the world. Typically, the most successful heroes there are different than those in the other brackets. 


The first hero on the list may surprise many of our readers because it is not that popular in the other Dota 2 brackets. Chen is a hero that is often picked from professional teams because he provides a lot of utility. 

Besides the damage and the team-healing ultimate, Chen is great for pushing. He is also among the few heroes that can successfully gank any lane. It seems like the highest-rated players in the world appreciate this because Chen has more than a 57% win rate. This makes him the most successful hero in the bracket.

Unlike other popular picks, Chen is a name that can be used in almost every patch. He is rarely under the “nerf hammer” because he is not that popular or overpowered. Consequently, we expect him to continue to dominate in the upcoming patch.


Lone Druid

The second name on the list is for a hero that can only be played as a core. Once one of the best offlaners in the game, nowadays, Lone Druid can work as a carry or a mid-laner. Like Chen, he is a hero who is often among the preferred options for some pro teams, such as Team Secret.

LD is a hero that can easily become the stronger late-game monster. Whether you decide to focus on the bear build or use the one that focuses on the hero itself, you will do tons of damage. 

Unlike other carries, LD can easily lane against some of the strongest laners. He can also farm the jungle, push really fast, and become hard to kill even for six-slotted opponents. All of those things positively impact his win rating, which sits at 56.49%. 



The third spot on the list is also a hero who relies on unit control to succeed. Unlike the other names so far, Visage is a classic mid laner that is notorious for his 1v1 capabilities. Although he is not that strong early on, once he hits level six, he can quickly become one of the strongest heroes on the map.

Visage is a hero that dominates in the mid-game. Although some people focus on getting a late-game build, he is definitely not one of the heroes you want to have at that stage of the game. Sure, he can do a lot of damage, but he is not the tankiest mid laners in the game.

With a 10% pick rate and more than a 60% win rate, it is easy to see why Visage is one of the best in this bracket. People know how to utilize his power, so he is the top-tier mid laner in the current patch.


This is another hero who relies on his “companions” to be effective. Beastmaster has been one of the top-tier offlaners for several years now. Although Valve tried to remove him from the meta by nerfing his core abilities, it was not just not enough. The best teams in the world kept picking him, and he continued to shine.

Of course, this had an effect on the pub mega, especially among the highest level of Dota 2 games. Most players here want to gain as much MMR as possible, so they often pick BM in the offlane.

The hero has a total of 55.74% win rating, which is not a surprise, considering his impact on the game. Besides the fact that he can lane against pretty much any setup, he can also farm the jungle faster than usual. Furthermore, BM provides loads of vision, a reliable stun, and loads of attack speed. 


Arc Warden


This is probably the most special hero on the list, at least for those who paid attention to the ESL One Stockholm 2022. Every other hero mentioned so far played a key role or a given team. However, Arc Warden is an exception because he didn’t get enough time to shine.

Despite not being popular among professional teams, the best PUB players love playing with him. He is among the strongest heroes in a 1v1 scenario, and one of the best for the late game. The fact that you essentially have two heroes to work with makes you incredibly dangerous in all situations.

Arc Warden is the second most successful mid laner in the Divine/Immortal bracket. According to the statistics found at Dota Buff, he has a 55.63% win rate.



Whether you’ve watched Tommy “Taiga” Le or any other top-tier players, you already know that Enigma has to be on the list. This is one of the several “evergreen heroes”  because it can work in any patch and any situation. Enigma is never a meta pick, and it requires a specific setup in order to shine.

Despite not being the easiest hero to master, Enigma has one of the most powerful ultimates. This is more than enough for it to become a dangerous weapon in the hands of those who know how to use it.

Although Enigma is powerful, this hero is not invincible. In fact, it has tons of counters that can make using Black Hole almost impossible. Besides Rubick, who can actually steal this ability, heroes like Nyx, Storm Spirit and Ember Spirit are hard to deal with. Enigma is not that tanky and can die in seconds, so be careful.

As for the stats, Enigma has a 55.51% win rate among the best players in the world.

Dota 2: Highest Win Rate Heroes in Divine/Immortal Bracket
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