Dota 2: The EU Qualifiers For IESF Will Start Soon

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Dota 2: The EU Qualifiers For IESF Will Start Soon

Here is a little bit more information about the upcoming event.

Even though the second wave of COVID-19 is here, there are a few pretty cool online Dota 2 tournaments that you can watch. One of them is the 2020 World Championship hosted by the International Esports Federation.

This tournament has been really interesting to watch in the last couple of years,  which is why we can’t wait for it to start. But before that, we have the opportunity to watch the European qualifiers. Sixteen teams will be fighting in the course of two days until three of them qualify for the Grand Finals, which will be held in Eilat, Israel.

The event and the qualifiers

What’s interesting about this tournament is that it’s split into three stages. Every team needs to have at least five players who are from the same nation and has to compete in the national and regional qualifiers before it can advance to the finals.

The sixteen teams will be split into four groups, which means that each one will consist of four teams each. The fun will begin on November 21, so be sure to tune in.

It’s worth noting that this will be IESF’s third tournament. The first one was won by Newbee way back in 2014, whereas the second one took place in 2019 when Sweden was able to lift the trophy.

Dota 2: The EU Qualifiers For IESF Will Start Soon
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