Dota 2: The Dota Summit 12 Starts Today

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Dota 2: The Dota Summit 12 Starts Today

Here is what we need to know about this tournament.

Even though the StarLadder ImbaTV Season 3 Minor ended just two days ago, we now have another tournament to focus on. However, unlike the previous one, this one is not included in the Dota 2 Pro Circuit.

Dota Summit 12 is a small tournament and will have just six teams. Nevertheless, all of them are very strong, so it's going to be pretty interesting to see which one will take the lion’s share of the $150K USD prize pool.

Be sure to watch this tournament live on the BTS Twitch channel.

About the event

Taking place between the 10th and the 13th of March, Dota Summit 12 is going to be the perfect bootcamp for those who will attend the Los Angeles Major. The six directly invited teams will be all placed in a round-robin group where each series is Bo2. In the end, the bottom two teams will be eliminated, whereas the rest will advance to the Playoffs.

Speaking of playoffs, we will watch the teams playing in a double-elimination bracket where each series is Bo3. Of course, this doesn’t imply to the Grand Final, which is Bo5.


The organizers of this event definitely favor quality over quantity. Despite the fact that we will have only six teams, each of them is pretty awesome to watch.


Perhaps the biggest favorite to win thous tournament is Evil Geniuses. The NA powerhouse have been in excellent shape recently and is also one of the main contenders for the Los Angeles Major. However, it’s definitely not going to be easy for them here because they have to face other really good teams.


One of them is Fnatic, one of the most consistent SEA teams in the last couple of years. Although they had some issues at the beginning of the season, it seems like they’ve fixed them, especially after the most recent results in Major qualifiers. Considering TNC’s most recent results, it’s safe to say that Fnatic is the best team in the region.

Team Liquid

Another name that deserves to be mentioned is Team Liquid. Their performance in this DPC has been really shaky, which is never a good sign. Even though people expected them to qualify for the LA Major, this didn’t happen. As a result, the ex-Alliance roster missed both DPC tournaments and now have to prepare for the next ones. However, before that happens, they will have to fight for their survival here.


One pretty interesting participant in this event is OG’s second team. These players have been together for a couple of months now but they still haven’t made their mark yet. Who knows, this might just be the tournament they needed to unleash their potential.


This is definitely the most exciting team that many people will watch up close. Formed just a couple of days ago, Could9 decided to return to the professional Dota 2 stage after a couple of years of being away.

Even though this is a newly formed team, the players in the roster definitely have what it takes to go up against some of the biggest names in Dota 2 right now.

Thunder Predator

The last team that’s going to try its luck is the South Americans   Thunder Predator. While it’s true that they have some pretty deadly players in their roster, we are yet to see them win a big tournament.

Dota 2: The Dota Summit 12 Starts Today
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