Dota 2: The Community Is Not Happy With The Anti-Mage Persona

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Dota 2: The Community Is Not Happy With The Anti-Mage Persona

Even though Valve thought that people would love this item, it seems like this is not the case.

Anti-Mage has always been one of the most loved Dota 2 heroes. As a result, he became the second-ever hero after Invoker to get a persona. It completely transforms the hero into a female called Wei, who also happens to hate magic.

The only way in which you can get this is via The International 2020 Battle Pass. In fact, you need to get at least to level 305 to do that. However, it seems like some players won’t be rushing to reach that level after many users tweeted that they are disappointed by the final item.

What are the complaints?

One of the main things that people complain about is that the character doesn’t look as good as it was originally supposed to look. Some people claim that Wei looks a little bit too muscular and has nothing to do with the artwork.

Another thing that some players noticed is that there are no ambient effects, which is something that makes many items unique.

If the item was entirely for free it was probably going to be acceptable. However, considering the fact that you have to spend money to purchase the Battle Pass and then buy levels, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are people who are not happy.

Valve is usually one of the companies that tend to listen to its customers. That’s why we believe that they will try their best and change the model. Hopefully, this will make the persona more desirable. Nonetheless, we are yet to see if this will be the case here. Until then, this is what you can get.

Dota 2: The Community Is Not Happy With The Anti-Mage Persona
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