Dota 2: The Best Heroes To Buy Blink Dagger For In 2020

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Dota 2: The Best Heroes To Buy Blink Dagger For In 2020

Let’s take a look at some of the best heroes to buy this item for in 2020.

Blink Dagger is one of the most popular items in Dota 2. Even though it doesn’t provide any stats, plenty of heroes buy it all the time in order to position themselves properly.

Those of you who played DotA before probably remember this item was utterly broken back then. In fact, there were even several restrictions in terms of the heroes who could purchase it.

Nowadays, there are no such limits, which means that the item can be purchased by every single hero. In some cases, this item is a must, whereas in others, it’s just a nice addition to their arsenal.

Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the most popular heroes that usually buy a Blink Dagger in 2020.


It’s really hard to think of Earthshaker and not associate the hero with Blink Dagger. This is one of those items that completely changes the way the hero plays. Even though some players tend to avoid buying it in favor of an Aghanim’s Scepter, we believe that a Blink is a must for this hero.

When he gets it, he can freely cast his ultimate whenever it’s needed during a team fight. Needless to say, his ultimate has the power to bring down even the strongest heroes, especially when they’re stacked together. So, if you want to land those amazing Echo Slams, this is the item to get.


Pudge was one of those heroes that wasn't able to buy a Blink Dagger back in the OG DotA days. That’s why it’s no surprise that this hero has quickly become one of the most popular heroes to get a Dagger for.

This item allows Pudge to position himself in a way where he can easily use his Meat Hook or ultimate. Even though the hero doesn’t take the role of a core in most games, Blink Dagger is not that expensive, which means that he can buy it pretty early on and start ripping through his enemies.

Legion Commander

Another hero that needs to be in a perfect position in order to be effective is Legion Commander. Unless the hero has either a Blink Dagger or a Shadow Blade, landing those duels is really hard. Even if there is a hero on her team that has a stun, the element of surprise just won’t be there.

That’s why you can often see the people who pick LC to rush that Blink so that they can start to snowball. Despite the fact that some players prefer buying a Shadow Blade, the Blink Dagger is the better option in most cases.


This is perhaps the hero that everyone thinks whenever you mention this item. Axe is one of those offlaners that needs to jump in and use his spells in order to be effective. Unless there is a Tiny on his team that can toss him, the only way in which he can do that is if he uses a Blink Dagger.

This item is so popular on Axe that the hero even has a cosmetic Blink Dagger that he can equip. If you are planning on spamming this hero in your pubs, make sure to farm this item as soon as possible if you want to be effective.


At first, this might seem a really strange hero to buy Blink Dagger for. As you know, Tinker is one of the biggest nukers in Dota 2 and a hero that’s capable of preventing the enemy team from pushing.

However, he is also known for being both really fragile and finicky. As a result, in order to fully utilize his incredible ability to move everywhere on the map, the hero has to get a Blink Dagger to position himself properly.

That’s why the vast majority of Tinker players out there tend to get this item as soon as possible. However, learning how to use it is pretty hard because you need to have quick fingers.


When it comes down to using this item, Slardar is really similar to Axe. Unless he has it, he won’t be able to land his stun properly which will make the hero pretty much useless later on in the game.

That’s why even if he has to take the role of a support, Slardar tends to be a little bit greedy so that he can farm items faster. Once he gets it, he can move around the map and secure kills for his team.


This is another support hero that can make a real difference once he gets this item. Lion is known for his abilities that disable enemy heroes. However, in order to cast them, he needs to be fairly close to the enemy.

Which means once he gets a Blink Dagger, he can quickly jump in and use both of his disables on a target that won’t expect anything. As you can probably imagine, in most cases, this is more than enough to kill a given target.

Templar Assassin

This is one of those heroes that some people prefer to play without buying a Blink Dagger. However, once you get this item in conjunction with a Desolator, Templar Assassin becomes one of the biggest killing machines in the game.

In a typical situation, the hero should have both of these items by the 22-25 minutes mark of the game. During that time, she is capable of one-shotting the entire enemy lineup. Nevertheless, in order to do that, she needs to get close to her targets, which is where Blink Dagger comes to hand.

However, it’s worth getting Desolator first so that you can have the needed damage to kill your enemies. Once you do that, farming your Dagger won’t take more than five minutes.

Dota 2: The Best Heroes To Buy Blink Dagger For In 2020
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