Dota 2: The Best Carry Heroes In The EU DPC

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Dota 2: The Best Carry Heroes In The EU DPC

Let’s take a look at some of the best carries right now.

The group stage of the 2021 DPC is slowly coming to an end. We have a few more matches to go, so we wanted to show you some of the most picked carry heroes so far. Needless to say, these heroes play a major role in each team’s success.

Wraith King

The current meta is pretty cool to watch because there are loads of heroes to choose from. However, there is one that stands out, and that’s Wraith King.

The mighty carry has been one of the most dominant heroes in the game even before the buffs. Now, he is even stronger, especially during the mid game. Once he gets a good start, WK can either go for the classic Radiance build or purchase items that will allow him to fight.

Another thing that makes this hero even stronger is the fact he doesn’t have that many counters. Therefore, teams can pick him right away.

One of the best Wraith King players right now is Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov. The Bulgarian prodigy and his WK helped Alliance numerous times during the Group Stage.

Besides Alliance, many other teams also pick this hero. Hence, the hero appeared in 29 games and has a 48% win rating.


The second hero on this list is Ursa. Similar to WK, Ursa has been in the meta for some time now. In fact, this is a hero that has always been a situational pick, even if he isn’t in the meta.

The thing that makes Ursa so deadly is the fact the hero does not need a lot of items in order to be effective. In other words, Ursa is a lot more effective than most other carries.

Another thing that should be mentioned is that the hero scales relatively well in the late game. Of course, the hero can’t match the likes of Phantom Lancer and Morphling, but she can still deal loads of damage.

Ursa has been picked 19 times and has a 53% win rating, which is pretty good for a carry.

Ember Spirit

Generally speaking, Ember Spirit is a hero that can be played as a midlaner. In fact, most teams pick it for this position, but since we have seen him in the carry role, we decided to include the hero on the list.

Ember Spirit has been one of the most dominant heroes in Dota 2 in the last couple of years. If you have been playing Dota 2 for a while, you probably remember that Ember Spirit was played as a glass-cannon. However, the meta changed a lot, which reflected on the hero and the way he is played.

Nowadays, players prefer to purchase early and mid-game-focused items. They allow the hero to be a lot more flexible and deadly.

So far, Ember was picked 15 times in Europe. The hero has a 40% win rating.


The last hero that we wanted to include in this list is none other than Juggernaut. Historically speaking, this is one of the most successful carries in the game. Unlike most other right-click monsters, Jugger can work within pretty much any composition. This makes him really deadly, especially in the current meta, where players can choose from loads of supports.

Judging by the stats (the hero has more than a 75% win rating out of 16 games), we can expect to see a lot more from him in the future.

Dota 2: The Best Carry Heroes In The EU DPC
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