Dota 2: The Bali Major 2023 Meta Expectations

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Dota 2: The Bali Major 2023 Meta Expectations

Here’s what to expect from the meta at The Bali Major 2023. 

The end of DreamLeague Season 20 means that we’re one step closer to the third and most important Major of the year. The Bali Major 2023 will be the last one from the 2023 DPC, and it will be extremely important because it provides more DPC points than the rest. 

The Bali Major Tickets are gone, so if you haven’t got one, you will have the chance to watch the best teams in the world live on Twitch. It will be interesting to see the heroes and combos that the teams will rely on, which is why this article will focus on the meta expectations for the current event. Considering that DreamLeague Season 20 took place the week before this event, we don’t expect to see a lot of major changes at The Bali Major 2023.

Techies will be a hot option

That stats never lie, so if you look at some of the hot options from DreamLeague Season 20, you can see that Techies tops the list. The latter is the most popular Dota 2 hero in the world right now, and we see it in almost every game. With more than 80 picks at the event, Techies will continue to dominate the meta at The Bali Major 2023.

The hero has a lot of advantages because he’s extremely effective at all stages of the game. Furthermore, his opponents must be careful and not underestimate the hero’s burst potential. A lot of teams have done that in the last couple of months, and Techies always punished them.

Morphling is the go-to meta carry

Dota 2 hero Morphling, a celestial-looking tidal wave, appears moving forward in space with stars in the distance

There are a couple of top picks that the top DPC ranking teams go for in the current patch. Medusa is probably the first name that comes to mind, but if we check the stats, we can see that she was banned most of the time. So, instead of Dusa, teams decided to focus on Morhpling, another top-tire carry that dominates in the current meta.

Morphing is a complex hero that requires a lot of skill to be effective. However, people who learn how to use him can dominate their games, regardless of the item build they go for. Speaking of the devil, the hero usually needs a lot of stats, but we’ve seen several innovative items built with things like Silver Edge and Aghanim’s Shard.

Unless Valve releases a new patch, the hero will most likely dominate the meta at The Bali Major 2023 and will continue to be the go-to option. What’s interesting about Morphling is that the hero is more successful in pro games than in PUBs.

Anti-Mage might be back

Anti-Mage gets maroon hair in the Spectral Hunter set

Regardless of the Bali Major Schedule, we will have the chance to watch some of the best carry players in the world. They will try a lot of heroes, such as Morphling, but there is one interesting name that we haven’t seen in a while. His name is Anti-Mage, and it’s one of the hidden gems in the current meta.

Even though the hero was forgotten until a few weeks ago, AM seems to be one of the situational picks that can do wonders. Sure, he requires more farm than others to be effective, but once he gets going, it is pretty hard to stop him.

A quick look at the stats from DreamLeague Season 20 reveals that AM has a whopping 87+% win rate. Sure, he appeared in fewer matches than some of his counterparts, such as Faceless Void, but the hero’s win rate is pretty impressive. Therefore, we wouldn’t be surprised if he is back in the meta.

Terrorblade seems weaker than usual

Terrorblade turns into a demon to slay his opponents

When it comes down to The Bali Major 2023, there are a few hard carries that we expect to see in-game, and Terrorbladei s one of them. He’s always among the preferred options because of his ability to push and take fights. However, judging from the stats from DreamLeague Season 20, the hero is not as good as some people think.

Terrorblade’s win rate is pretty low compared to most other heroes n this position. There is no arguing that he can farm and push fast, but he needs some time to get online, which is where things can go wrong. Many pro Dota 2 teams know how to play against him and pick aggressive heroes from the get-go. That’s one of the reasons why names like Undying were incredibly popular and will continue to be among the best options for The Bali Major 2023.


To make a long story short, we think that the meta at The Bali Major 2023 will remain the same as the one at DreamLeague Season 20. Almost all teams participating in the non-DPC tournament will also be present in Bali, so they will rely on the same heroes.

Nevertheless, we might see some surprises because certain Dota 2 teams are saving some combos for when it matters. So, don’t be surprised if we see several interesting heroes that we haven’t had the chance to watch so far.

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Dota 2: The Bali Major 2023 Meta Expectations
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