Dota 2: The 2020 Battle Pass Is Here

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Dota 2: The 2020 Battle Pass Is Here

After a long wait, this year's Battle Pass is here!

Even though it took some time to arrive, the Battle Pass was finally released by Valve and oh boy, it’s just jaw-dropping. There are all kinds of great things that you can get from it. Apart from the usual things that we will discover in just a bit, there are several unique aspects.

Let’s make a brief overview of what you can find in this battle pass. Despite the TI prize pool support, there is also various other cool stuff.

One of the newest aspects that you will come across in this Battle Pass is related to forming a guild. As long as you have a Battle Pass, you can form a guild where you can play with your friends. Every single member can help to level up the guild by earning special points. They can be earned via different challenges and more.

In addition to that, you can also find a lot of interesting mini-games. They can be accessed while the game is paused, which is pretty cool.

Here are some other notable things that you will find:

  • Immortal Chest
  • Arcana Vote
  • Tipping
  • Voice Lines
  • Trivia, and much more

Don’t forget to check out the incredible Wraith King arcana, as well as the other fantastic cosmetic items. You can read more about this Battle Pass by visiting the official page. Even though there are no plans for TI 10 yet, every Dota 2 fan will be more than happy with this Battle Pass.

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Dota 2: The 2020 Battle Pass Is Here
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