Dota 2: 11 Teams That Failed To Qualify For The Berlin Major 2023

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Dota 2: 11 Teams That Failed To Qualify For The Berlin Major 2023

Tour 2 of the 2023 DPC Division I is over, watch means that all eyes are focused on the upcoming ESL One Berlin Major 2023. The latter will be the second Major of this DPC, meaning it is incredibly important for this year’s The International. As you probably know, the second Major gives more DPC points for the most prestigious event.


ESL One Berlin Major will begin on April 26 and conclude on May 7. During that time, we will see the world’s top-tier teams from all regions. Sadly, not all of the favorites made the cut, so let’s learn more about a few squads that didn’t live up to the expectations. 

Western Europe 

It’s safe to say that most of the big names in Western Europe lived up to their fans’ expectations and qualified for the Berlin Major 2023. However, some weren’t so lucky and even went to Division II for Tour 3.

Nigma Galaxy

The first big name in Western Europe that we won’t see in action is Nigma Galaxy. KuroKy and the rest have one of the best rosters on paper and were among the big favorites. However, things went horribly wrong, and SumaiL and his teammates had to fight for their survival.

Despite Nigma Galaxy adding SumaiL and ATF to their roster, even these 2 superstars couldn’t carry them to victory. The team only won 2 matches and lost 5, so it will miss out on the Berlin Major 2023. 


The second big name from Western Europe that failed to secure a slot for the second Major of the 2023 DPC is Entity. The squad was among the best during Tour 1 and achieved fairly good results at The Lima Major 2023. Sadly, the team couldn’t repeat its performance during Tour 2 and didn’t get a slot for The Berlin Major 2023.

What was surprising was that Entity even had to fight for its survival in Division I. This was a sign that the squad might have to make some roster changes to compete in the upcoming Tour 2.

Eastern Europe

Regarding Eastern Europe, the 3 big teams have successfully made it to the ESL One Berlin Major 2023. TS, HR, and BetBoom lived up to the expectations and will represent their region in Germany. 

With that said, one of the teams wasn’t able to achieve its dreams and won’t be able to attend the Berlin Major. Its name is Virtus.Pro and the squad finished 4th in the EEU Tour 2 Division I. Despite having a pretty solid roster, Noticed and the rest weren’t able to defeat their powerful opponents and will have to complete in Division I for Tour 3. 


4 of the best teams in China will try their luck at The Berlin Major 2023 and go up against the best teams from the West. With that said, some of China’s biggest stars couldn’t make it, and one of them is Ybb Gaming.

Those who haven’t followed the China DPC might not be aware, but this team exceeded expectations in many series. Lou and the rest have shown they have what it takes to shine, but they failed to secure a top 4 finish due to many mistakes.

Aside from them, the second big name that also won’t go to Berlin is Vici Gaming. The latter is in an awful position right now because the team finished second-last in the 2023 DPC China Tour 2 Division I. Consequently, it will head over to Division II.

Southeast Asia

Considering that Fnatic and BOOM Esports was not a part of Division I, all of the big favorites in SEA have earned a slot for The Berlin Major 2023. Sadly, the only team that was left behind was Blacklist International. 

Kuku, Raven, and the other team members didn’t have the best start of Tour 2 of the 2023 DPC. In the end, the team finished with 3 victories and 4 losses, preventing them from getting any of the 3 Major slots.

The second notable team in Southeast Asia that we won’t see among the best is Polaris Esports. We can also throw in Geek Slate because the latter finished second in Tour 1 and went to the Lima Major. Unfortunately, both of them failed and will have to fight in Division II.

South America

The only big name from South America that we won’t be able to see in action at The Berlin Major 2023 is Thunder Awaken. Once the best in the region, the squad hasn’t been able to recover after the arrival of Evil Geniuses in South America. 

Despite winning most of their matches, Thunder Awaken wasn’t able to defeat beastcoast and EG, which is why the squad finished 3rd. The bad news is that South America only has 2 slots, so we won’t see TA in Germany.

The other interesting name in South America that won’t be able to play among the best is Infinity. Even though the team hasn’t been on the same level as some of the best in the region, it had the potential to become one of them. Unfortunately, the squid finished with 4 losses and only 3 victories. 

North America



Finally, we have North America, where TSM and Shopify Rebellion continue to dominate their opponents. Speaking of the devil, the only top-tier NA team that failed to secure itself a slot for the Berlin Major is nouns. Despite having one of the best rosters in the region, the team just can’t deal with SR and TSM. Consequently, for the second Tour in a row, nouns finished 3rd and will miss out on the Major. The good news for Moo and the rest is that the squad will play at DreamLeague Season 19, which starts just a few days from now. Make sure to follow us for our daily predictions regarding some of the hottest matches. 

Dota 2: 11 Teams That Failed To Qualify For The Berlin Major 2023
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