Dota 2: Team Secret Wins Against Team Liquid Yet Again

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Dota 2: Team Secret Wins Against Team Liquid Yet Again

Here is what happened between the two powerhouses.

The OMEGA League: Europe Immortal division is finally on and we already saw some pretty spectacular series. However, the highlight of the day has to be the match between Team Secret and Team Liquid.

The two European powerhouses both played really well in the last couple of months. Historically speaking, these two teams played numerous times against each other. Needless to say, Secret won most of the clashes between these two, especially in the last two years.

Clement “Puppey” Ivanov and his team-mates have been nearly flawless recently, especially after COVID-19 appeared. They won pretty much every online tournament, which definitely made them the favorite here.

As expected, Secret managed to start this event with a win after a very intense series against TL. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Game one

The first game of the series didn’t start as planned for the might Team Secret. Although they had a pretty good draft, there was something about it that it didn’t seem right. They dominated the first few minutes but after one team-fight went in favor of Team Liquid, it all went downhill for Puppey and co.

Liquid won every team fight after that and secured themselves the lead in this series.

Game two

It seems like Team Secret learned their lesson, judging by what happened in game two. Michal “Nisha” Jankowski and his Shadow Fiend absolutely ripped through their enemies. Liquid tried to fight back a few times but the damage from Secret was too much.

Michael “miCKe” Vu and his team-mates had no other option but to use the GG call and prepare for a final game three.

The last game

The final game between these two teams was everything we expected it to be. Both of them played really well as we saw tons of team fights. Although Liquid seemed like the victor, it was Team Secret that managed to snatch the victory. This time, the hero for them was Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen, who had the chance to shine with his anti-mage. As you can imagine, the legendary carry absolutely exploded once he got a few items.

Team Liquid had the stronger team fight until the 40-minute mark. After that, Seret’s Anti-Mage became too strong and Liquid had no other option but to call gg, which means that Secret claimed the series with a score of 2:1.

Don’t forget to watch the remaining days of the OMEGA League Europe Immortal Division. We have loads of series ahead of us, some of which you just need to check out. If you want more information, you can also follow us on our social media accounts.

Dota 2: Team Secret Wins Against Team Liquid Yet Again
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