Dota 2: Team Liquid Adds w33 Ahead of EPICENTER

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Dota 2: Team Liquid Adds w33 Ahead of EPICENTER

Team Liquid has added w33 to round out their roster ahead of EPICENTER.

Team Liquid Add w33

As was rumored, w33 is Team Liquid’s new fifth after the team moved MATUMBAMAN to the inactive roster just a couple of days ago. This change comes just in time for the upcoming EPICENTER Major. The last Major of this DPC season kicks off in a few days from now.


Since Matumbaman left Liquid’s roster, many people on Reddit immediately speculated that w33 would be the one to fill his role. The Romanian prodigy has played in various teams through his professional career. The most notable team has to be Digital Chaos, as, with w33 on the roster, they were able to place second at TI.

W33 made a name for himself mainly for his incredible Invoker and Meepo. Before he became pro, he was a well-known pub stomper who proved himself to be one of the top mid laners.

What’s next?

The first big challenge ahead of the Romanian player will be the upcoming EPICENTER Major in Moscow. It will be very interesting to see if he will manage to cope with Miracle because they are very similar players. In fact, even their hero pool tends to overlap a lot.

As for Matumbaman, there is still no news regarding his future. It’s possible that fans will see him playing for another team in the near future.

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Dota 2: Team Liquid Adds w33 Ahead of EPICENTER
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