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Anuj Gupta
Anuj Gupta is a freelance journalist who loves the concept of esports. He has played multiple titles and has vast experience in Dota 2 and CS:GO. A passionate fan of Dota 2, Anuj loves to analyze games and coach new players.

Dota 2: T1’s Victory Over Virtus.Pro In The ESL One Tournament

The roster for T1 stands infront of a bright yellow background decorated with palm trees and tropical plants. The words "ESL One Summer 2021 Champions" appear beneath them in bold yellow and white letters
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T1 are becoming an unstoppable force.

ESL One wrapped up with T1 winning 3-2 in  a dramatic Grand Finale against

Along with the ESL One title, T1 won $175k USD prize money, followed by VP who claimed their $85k.  Both teams fought well in the finals, let’s have a look at the games with brief recaps of important moments.

Series Recap

After the first game win for T1, VP were quick to come back into the series with two assertive victories. It was T1 who did not give up on their morale and fought to win the last two games.

The first match saw VP picking Templar Assassin on Danil “gpk” Skutin, who is known to play the hero very well. However, T1 had slightly different plans to counter VP’s swift flow in the game with their fast farming heroes. Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon who picked Phantom Assassin, skipped Battle Fury and rushed Desolator to enable the hero for early team fights. Of course, this was only possible because T1 had Magnus on their team. T1 sealed the game 10-24 in their favor.

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Our second map had VP shifting gears and putting on their stomp game on. The CIS team went with a simple yet effective draft with Juggernaut carry, Lina mid and Centaur Warrunner in the offlane. With scores of 10-0 and 6-0 on Jugg and Lina, VP won the match 23-7.

Game three had a similar outcome, with VP picking an outstanding lineup of Faceless Void and Death Prophet. T1 had a questionable pick of Leshrac offlane along with a Hoodwink support. VP won the match 9-32 on the scoreline.

The fourth match is where things started changing for T1 as they looked to take control of their draft and game. VP picked Abaddon as their carry of choice. However, T1 were quick to counter with Lifestealer carry and Viper mid. Their team also threw in the Manta meta Axe in the offlane. VP were strong in the early game with picks of Enchantress and Kunkka but had a poor matchup against LS who won the match 20-28  for T1.

Our Best of 5 was going the whole way.

Game 5

Then, our last match had a pretty solid draft from both sides on paper. VP were looking like the better team in the early minutes of the game with lots of space to work with thanks to the Timbersaw pick. However, T1 had a peculiar team composition with Broodmother, Nyx Assassin, Faceless Void, Leshrac and Warlock. VP’s team fights looked weak with Wraith King as the only source of hand hitting physical damage. To make things worse Aghanim’s Scepter on Nyx was extremely annoying to deal with for VP. Lesrac and Broodmother were efficient in pushing high ground with Void being in close proximity for engaging in fights. T1 managed to win the match 16-20 on the scoreline.

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Both T1 and will take part in the upcoming International 10 tournament which starts from August 5.

Feature Image: T1 Twitter

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