Dota 2: T1 Disbands roster

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Dota 2: T1 Disbands roster

T1 joins Evil Geniuses and others in their departure from the Dota 2 scene.

As expected, the end of The International 11 means that we got tons of roster changes to go through. Following EG’s shocking decision from a few hours ago, T1 becomes yet another team that decided to part ways with its current Dota 2 roster.

T1 no longer has a Dota 2 roster

To be fair, most Dota 2 fans are not surprised that the legendary organization decided to take this step. Despite adding players like ana and Topson to its roster, T1 failed to qualify for The International 11. After missing out on a direct invite, the team also failed to win in the qualifiers. As a result, it was just a matter of time before T1 took action.

According to the announcement, the organization has decided to disband its roster. As a result, Topson, ana, Xepher, Kuku, and Whitemon are now free agents. No one knows whether they will join another team, so we will make sure to provide you with more information.

The fact that T1 disbanded its Dota 2 roster might indicate that the organization will be moving away from the game and focusing on League of Legends. Of course, we don’t know whether this will be the case, so make sure to follow us for more information.

Dota 2: T1 Disbands roster
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