Dota 2: Surprising Best Picks That Will Help You Get Free MMR

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Dota 2: Surprising Best Picks That Will Help You Get Free MMR

Every Dota 2 player who wants to get as much MMR as possible will come up with all sorts of ideas to achieve his goal. Some people follow the meta and make sure to pick the most famous heroes. However, others try to be creative and come up with things that will surprise their opponents.


Speaking of being creatine, one of the things you can do to get Dota 2 MMR is to pick unique heroes for specific positions in the game. Unlike other games, such as League of Legends, Dota 2 allows you to be innovative. As a result, most heroes in the game can be played in multiple positions.

The current Dota 2 patch 7.32d offers a lot of flexibility, which means you can use it to your advantage and dominate your games. Even though the new update is just around the corner, there is still time to get the MMR you need by using a couple of intriguing options. So, let’s go through them.

Nature’s Prophet for the mid-lane

Furion is one of the heroes in Dota 2 that can fill in almost every role in the game. Even though a pos 5 NP is probably not the thing you’d like to have on your team, he can be an excellent carry, offlaner, and soft support. That said, the hero can also be a top-tier mid-laner, and he has what it takes to surprise everyone.

The reason why Nature’s Prophet will work well in the mid-lane is because of his 1v1 potential. While it is true that he may not counter the top-tier midders, he can safely lane against pretty much everything. This gives him much power because he can gain fast levels, gank when needed, and farm a lot more than usual.

Your playstyle and item choice as mid-lane Nature’s Prophet depends on many things. That said, your main goal is to get as much farm as possible and use your Teleport to set up kills. Keep in mind that you’re not the best hero for solo kills, so you should try to work with your team if you want to be effective.

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Alchemist for the soft support role

This might get some hate from most players, but there are cases where having Alchemist support is worth it. Sure, he might not be a popular pick for this role right now (he was before), but his ability to farm a lot faster than others can come in handy, even as support.

You may want to get this hero in this position because you stun your enemies and provide your teams with Aghs a lot faster than usual. Some people don’t think that this is worth it, but there are cases where it can make a significant difference. By giving an Aghs to a hero, the latter does not need to spend this gold, meaning that it can use for another big item.

Brustleback as a carry

When you think of a carry hero in Dota 2, you probably think of an agility hero, such as Anti-Mage, Morphling, or Medusa. Although they have proven themselves and can work in many situations, they aren’t the only options around. In fact, people can pick several interesting picks that can work in specific situations. For example, Bristleback is one of the few STR heroes with what it takes to carry his team. 

Even though BB is not the fastest farmer in Dota 2, he has one big advantage against other carries – his survivability. Usually, when someone decides to pick BB, the enemy team will try to have at least one counter because dealing with him is easier said than done. This is a sign that the hero can work well in many scenarios.

If you decide to get Bristleback as your team’s carry, you should ask if someone from your team can play IO. The latter is one of the best options you can have with him because it makes BB almost unkillable. What’s more, IO can help the hero deal more damage by providing him AS.

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Slardar as a carry

While talking about Dota 2 carries and heroes that can take this role, there is another STR hero that can do pretty well. His name is Slardar, and like Bristleback, he is usually a given team’s offlaner. However, Slardar can also work as a carry, especially against some heroes.

One of the reasons why Slardar is a good carry is because of his insane single-target damage potential. Once he uses his ult and times his passive stun, he can kill almost any hero in a 1v1 situation. Sure, he is not the fastest farmer in the game, but securing a couple of kills early on or getting a Midas will help him a lot.

Choosing Slardar as a carry won’t require you to buy anything different than you usually would. Of course, things like Forcestaff are probably not the best, but you can safely go for options like Blink Dagger, Aghanim’s Scepter, Desolator, and even Daedalus.

Magnus as a support

Even though some people do not pick support when they want to gain MMR, others like this role, so they often pick all sorts of heroes. To be fair, the support hero pool is more limited than the cores’ because there are only a few heroes that work really well. However, there are some ways to be innovative and pick something that your Dota 2 opponents won’t expect. 

One of them is to pick Magnus, a hero that no one expects to be support. Magnus was one of the best mid-laners many years ago, after which he switched to the offlaner role. Nowadays, the hero can be played as an offlaner with utility items or as a carry (in certain lineups).

The reason why Magnus can work as a support is because of the fact that he does not need a lot of items to be effective. In fact, he just needs to get a Blink Dagger and Force Staff, and he is more than ready to land game-winning RPs.

Dota 2: Surprising Best Picks That Will Help You Get Free MMR
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