Dota 2: Summit 11 to be First Minor of this DPC Season

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Dota 2: Summit 11 to be First Minor of this DPC Season

Just a couple of days after the DPC season got announced we know the name of its first tournament – The Summit 11.

These types of tournaments are usually loved by the community due to their friendly nature. If David “LD” Gorman’s statement is true, this will be the first-ever Summit that will have a live audience. However, there will be only a small number of people allowed to watch it.  After all, this event will follow BTS’s tradition to usually host these events in small venues.

Summit 11

This year, Summit 11 will take place in Los Angeles, California and it starts on November 7th. Apart from competing for that $300K USD prize pool, there is more on the line – a spot in the following Major. However, we still don’t have any information about when is it going to happen. In theory, it should be just a couple of days apart from this one, but it's hard to know for sure.

As you know, Valve announced a new DPC rule which combines the qualifiers for the Majors and the minors. This means that the qualifier for Summit 11 and the following Major will begin on the fifth of October.

The hype for the new DPC season is absolutely real. That said, there are still a couple of top tier teams that need to configure their rosters. Hopefully, they will be able to do so before the qualifiers begin.

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Dota 2: Summit 11 to be First Minor of this DPC Season
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