Dota 2: South America Tour 3 Division I and II Overview – Week 5

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Dota 2: South America Tour 3 Division I and II Overview – Week 5

All the highlights from Week 5 in Tour 3 of South America's DPC.

Although teams like Infamous and Infinity had a solid start in Tour 3, they eventually gave the first two spots in Division I to the big favorites. Thunder Awaken and beastcoast proved yet again that they are the best in South America and will head to the Major. The only thing we’re yet to see is which of them will finish first.

We will have to wait another week to learn that information because the two powerhouses will go head to head next week. Fortunately, this week also gave us access to a couple of interesting results that we’d like to highlight.

Division I

Thunder Awaken vs Infinity

Since we were on the topic of Thunder Awaken’s dominance in Division I, we have to point out that the team is one step closer to the Major. Infinity was its latest victim because TA won the match effortlessly.

Game 1

Since TA got their hands on Snapfire and Alchemist in the first game of the series, you shouldn’t be surprised that the team needed just 26 minutes to win. Thunder Awaken has proven itself time and time again that they know how to utilize this hero to its full potential.

After the dominant laning stage, Alchemist quickly became the strongest hero in the game. Sadly, Infinity had no way of killing him, so Jeanpierre Valente “PiPi” Arroyo and the rest had to focus on game 2.

Game 2

Although Thunder Awaken could not grab Alch for the second tie, the team picked an interesting draft with Venomancer and Nature’s Prophet. Infinity tried using Terroblade (one of the best carries in the current meta), but the team was unable to provide him with the needed space.

TA’s draft was pretty tanky, which allowed them to play aggressively. The team used this to its advantage and slowly but steadily took control of the game. In the end, Furion and Tiny came too big and won their team the game.

bc vs SG esports

The second series that South American Dota 2 fans were interested in included the second most popular team in the region. As mentioned earlier, BC will most likely be one of the teams that will advance to the Major, especially after winning this match.

Game 1

SG esports is one of the teams in South America that has a lot of potentials and the team has proven it many times. This also happened in the match against bc, but SG did not have enough power to defeat its opponents.

Interestingly, the first game between the two wasted precisely 30 minutes. Even though SF had solid lanes and draft, bc’s CM and Juggernaut combo was way too powerful. The team had no problems in the laning stage and used its advantage to dominate in the mid game. 

Game 2

Even though we expected the loss to have a negative effect on SG, Eliseo “kxy” Arancibia Temoch and the rest did not give up. The team got their hands on one of the best combos in Dota 2 right now – Razor and Bristleback. These two heroes work so well together that they even manage to defeat bc’s Visage and TB.

The laning stage was even, but once Razor and Batrider came online, SG quickly took control of the game. The team did not allow their opponents to farm and forced as many team fights as they could. In the end, SG won most of them and equalized the series.

Game 3

Both teams picked some of their best heroes for the third game of the series. Although SG’s pick looked good, BC was the better team and deserved the victory in the match.  Their Luna and Puck had a few problems early on, but several kills and a lot of farm allowed them to bounce back.

Although they had to face TA and Kunkka, these two heroes were not powerful enough to defeat them. The big team fight near SG’s T3 tower was their last glimmer of hope, so after losing, the team used the GG call.

Division II

Dreamers Esports vs Gorillaz-Pride

If you’ve been paying attention to Division II in South America, you already know that one of the teams here stands out. Dreams Esports only lost one series so far, and it seems like it will be one of the two teams that will qualify for Division I.

The team’s latest victory took place a couple of days ago and it was against G-Pride. The latter used to be one of the best teams in South America, but the roster changes did not have a good effect. Consequently, the team is now fighting for its survival.

Game 1

Even though Dreamers Esports was the big favorite in this series, it definitely wasn’t easy because the first game was more than one hour. As you can expect from such a match, there was tons of action from both sides. 

Most people expected G-Pride to win the match because they had the better draft for the late game. Dream mostly focused on the mid-game, which is why the team picked Razor and Zeus.

Even though G-Pride should’ve won, the team’s lack of experience prevented them from taking advantage of the situation. Needless to say, this was welcomed by Gorillaz-Pride as the team won the first match.

Game 2

As you can expect in situations like these, the team that lost a long game crumbles for the second match of the series. So, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that Dreamers Esports won the second game.

Everything was on their side, including the pick, because the team had multiple counters to G-Pride’s Phantom Lancer. Since the carry could not do anything, Void Spirit was not powerful enough to carry his team. As a result, G-Pride lost this match.

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Dota 2: South America Tour 3 Division I and II Overview – Week 5
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