Dota 2: SK Telecom T1 Enter Pro Dota

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Dota 2: SK Telecom T1 Enter Pro Dota

The International 2019 is still not over but we already have news about new teams. SK Telecom T1 is, arguably, the most powerful League of Legends organization in the world and has decided to step in into the Dota 2 world by giving the task to Lee “Forev” Sang-don to form a roster.

The Current Situation

There are many amazing South-Korean players in Dota 2. Having said that, there are none of them left at TI 9. Forev used to be one of the best players during the MVP Phoenix era. That team consisted entirely of South Korean players and did very well in nearly all tournaments.

However, after they stopped playing together, the South Korean Dota 2 scene slowly died out. Of course, there are many reasons for this such as the popularity of other games like League of  Legends and StarCraft II for example. Despite that, SK Telecom T1 decided that they want to give Dota a shot.

There is still no certain information about their upcoming roster outside Forev. There will probably be more information as soon as TI 9 comes to an end. After all, there are usually many changes in the post-TI shuffle.

Until then, be sure to follow the tournament because it is absolutely phenomenal. Every single game is worth watching as each team gives all they have on the field.

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Dota 2: SK Telecom T1 Enter Pro Dota
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