Dota 2: Singapore Major Group Stage; Day 3, Stream A

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Dota 2: Singapore Major Group Stage; Day 3, Stream A

The group stages have started and shaped up the progress of the tournament very well. We find out what happened during the games of Stream A.

The Day 3 Stream A of group stages included teams Alliance, Aster, Quincy Crew, OB Esports x Neon, Team Liquid and Vici Gaming. With a best-of-two format, the teams battled their way to the playoffs. Here is a recap of every match in Stream A.

Alliance vs Aster

The first game started with Aster taking an early lead against Alliance. Although Alliance had some gold lead in the early game, Aster was great at team fights. Things got better for Alliance when they smoked to fight against Aster near the Roshan and picked up some important kills. However, a great four-man Black Hole by Lin “Xxs” Jing turned the game again and enabled Aster to snowball and finish the game.

Game 2 saw Aster in control, but Alliance was never too far behind. However, some excellent solo plays from Xxs on Mars, backed by good synergy in the team, gave Aster some great team fight advantage. Aster snatched both the wins from Alliance’s hands.

Quincy Crew vs Neon Esports

Game 1 between Quincy Crew and Neon Esports looked like a one-sided show for most of the game. Neon picked heroes like Death Prophet, Pangolier, Earth Spirit and Lycan. All of Neon’s picks focused towards a high-tempo game and an intense fighting lineup. Although QC had heroes like Void Spirit and Tusk, the addition of the farm-heavy core of WK and high cooldown hero of Phoenix made it difficult for the team to sustain skirmishes throughout the game. However, even with the early to mid game momentum, Neon could not close the game. This gave QC the perfect opportunity to make a comeback.

The second game's draft favored QC much better. Picks like Razor, Beastmaster and Pangolier gave them enough early game control against Alchemist and Death Prophet. Overall, the game looked in complete control of QC, who won 2-0 against Neon.

Team Liquid vs Quincy Crew

The first game between Liquid and QC was an hour-long thriller. The early game was well balanced between the teams. However, Liquid pulled through after the 30-minute mark. The game then tipped in the balance of QC after a poor fight in Liquid’s jungle, which immediately led to the destruction of barracks. Liquid now had to deal with mega creeps. The game remained close when Liquid’s miCKe picked up the Divine Rapier and had enough damage to burst down anyone on QC’s team. After a few team fights, QC finally dropped after trying to take down Liquid’s ancient. With no buyback on Nature’s Prophet, Death Prophet and Earth Spirit, QC lost the first game after a miracle comeback from Liquid.

The second game was Avery “SVG” Silverman’s show. His Enigma proved deadly against Liquid’s lineup, who were otherwise pretty much level with QC in the game. The second game wrapped up with QC winning 27-20 over Liquid.

Aster vs Neon Esports

The first game saw Neon direct the game with heroes like DP, Pangolier, IO and Clockwerk. Aster did not have many choices but to wait for their Anti Mage to get farmed. However, AM and Aster lacked some much-needed damage to pin down Neon's heroes, who were tanky. Unable to get a clear hold of the game, Neon eventually won the game.

The second game was much better for Aster, where they focused on an early game draft. Neon, having Medusa in their lineup, couldn’t really force many objectives early on in the game. This gave Aster a lot of map space and control which allowed their team to farm and pressure. Aster took the second game, leaving the overall score to a 1-1 draw.

Alliance vs Vici Gaming

Vici started the first game off with a lead. Their picks of Ember Spirit, Pangolier and Weaver had a significant impact on the match. On the other side, Alliance couldn’t really take fights on their own terms. Alliance had picked heroes like Juggernaut and Beastmaster who lack mobility and were not very effective against the heroes of Vici.

The second game proved to be balanced in the early to mid game. However, a team fight close to the Roshan pit around the 25-minute mark went in favor of Alliance. The fight alone led to a significant gold advantage for Alliance, which they capitalized in the next few minutes to seal the game.

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